Best Bridal Entries That We found on You Tube That Will Leave You Inspired

Bridal Entry is the most awaited moment of any Wedding. The world seems to stop when she steps in.   Some good old years back , the concept of bridal entry  did seldom exist , she was brought in by her sisters or the Paternal Uncle’s. The band and bajaa was considered more appropriate for the groom. Weddings now are making  way for grand bridal entry with lots of dhol dhamaka, fun,creative and a memoir not just for  the brides but everyone around.  Here are some beautiful,cool,vibrant  bridal entries that we spotted on Youtube .

Oh Boy ! We can’t wait to show them to you .

Masoom Minawala’s Bridal Entry we absolutely loved.  The bridesmaids, showering the flowers ahead. What caught the attention most was her chaddar which had  bells  tied  to them, and as we all know  bells are considered auspicious. She indeed made a beautiful  entry .

Rumani Sahay’s  Bridal entry was a royal affair  just like the wedding  in  Udaipur. Sitting on a  moving palki  decked with beautiful flowers and  lighted by crackle candles , lit up the entire aura  around her .

Nishka Lulla made a grand bridal entry, on a boat and left everyone speechless with her entry.The  way she carried  her veil  flowing in the air made it appear all the more extravagant.

Shruti’s  walked down hand in hand with her father, who handed over her hand to  groom . Isn’t that  truly  beautiful and emotional, walking down with the person whose always been there for you .

Payal let her friend and  family members  dance their way, before she walked the aisle.  It was a beautifully  co-ordinated.

The next one is really sweet. Abhishek  drove down his sister to the aisle on his Royal Enfield. He wanted a grand entry for his  beloved sister and he made  the day extremely special for her .

Next up is Ladki Beautiful , who  just rocked her entry with Kala Chasma  On  and awesome dance moves. If groom’s can dance their heart out at the barat procession, so can a bride .

Well, these bride’s  made the best  out of their wedding day  and they sure left a  memory on everyone’s mind with their bridal entries for a very very long time. We wish them a  truly blessed and wonderful journey ahead. You too can grab some inspiration from these brides and couple  it up with some beautiful songs  to make it worth every single step  you take forward.


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