Cool Nath Ideas Every Type Of Bride Will Love!

 It definitely isn’t easy being a bride, after all, eyes are set at her on the day of the wedding.  Putting together a perfectly coordinated wedding day look is a  daunting task for any bride. Getting the best lehenga is not only the goal but finding the right jewels to accessorize is another task to be accomplished. While some prefer buying the jewellery first others opt for buying the wedding lehenga and then colour coordinate the jewellery. Whatever, the route they choose every bride is extra cautious in choosing jewellery.Even the most beautiful lehenga if not complemented with the right kind of accessory cannot help you from ruining that perfect bridal look. 

In any case, above everything – what all should your marriage gems have ? There area lot of options for brides to choose from elaborate neckpieces, saathladas , kamarband, mathhapati ,choker, borla, anklets , nath in different styles and patterns.  It is very important to choose the right amount of bling for your wedding.  Too much of everything will make you look like stuffed with all that you get your hands on . The modern day brides are going for minimal yet edgy jewellery and are more inclined towards traditional. The Nath completes every bride’s look. Regardless of whether you’re certain you need to wear one, or despite everything you’re attempting to choose whether a Nath is ideal for you.

Honestly, Nath is the most important part of the Indian Bridal Jewellery, no matter it’s made of Kundan, Diamond, or pearls! After all, it’s your bridal nose ring that completes your ensemble.

Here’s presenting some of our favourite Naths sported by the real brides.

Simple Nath With  Drop 

For the bride who needs simple and elegant look at that point, Simple Nath is for you!

Now, this nathni design is simple yet looks gorgeous. It just consists of a plain nose ring, with a small flower studded with American diamonds and a  bead drops.

P.C. Aman Sidhu Photography

P.C. Mahima Bhatia Photography

Going all Traditional Nath Designs

For the bride who wants to follow traditions – take your pick for a dramatic Nath! We loved this nathni design not just because of how beautiful it is, but because how well it has been styled.  If you get a hold of your grandma closet you will find a nathni that is elaborate like this one.  Elaborate naths were a must-have bridal sringar in the past.

P.C. Gautam Khullar Photography

Slightly Heavy Naths (with stones all around the loop)

If going all the way traditional isn’t for you or doesn’t sit well on your face, but want your  Nath to be slightly on the heavier embellished side then this kind of nath goes well.  It looks like a crescent moon that is half illuminated and beautiful.

P.C. Mahima Bhatia Photography

P.C. Camera Crew Productions

Prominent Nath With A Hint of Colour

For the bride who wants to contrast her jewelry (including her nath!) with her outfit.

P.C. Sunny Dhiman Photography

P.C. Rangresa Pictures

Classic Naths

For the bride who wants moderate embellishments, without going too bold with her nath.

P.C. Vipul Sharma Photography

P.C. Dipak Studios Photography

Pretty up with beads

We just cannot get enough beads! They have the ability to instantly pretty anything up, just like they did to this nathni design. The nose ring itself is adorned with them and so is the chain.

P.C. Gautam Khullar Photography

P.C. Happy Flashbacks

Pearly Magic, Anyone?

Another one for the bride who doesn’t want to go over the top but still look stunning.

P.C. Camera Crew Productions

Coz simple looks best, doesn’t it?

P.C. Candid Wedding Stories

This nath design just consists of a plain nose ring, with coloured beads embedded in the golden chain.

P.C. Cam-Catches

We think all these wedding nose ring designs are exquisite. Pick whatever suits you the best, and go shake your bridal look! All things considered, you just get the chance to be a bride once, isn’t that so?

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