How to make an impression with Pawprints at Your Wedding

Whoever said that diamonds are girls’ best companion, possibility they might have never owned a pet. All animal lovers find a true companion in them. For them, their pets are the most prominent part of their family. They want to share all sort of luxuries with them and celebrate each and every occasion of their life. Be it a wedding or a birthday party, they want to have a gala time with their pets.

On the biggest day, the bride as well the groom is looking for the most precious people around them. There are times when these people are also non-humans. This is the best time when you can get your favourite animal a part of your big day, such idea seems to be perfectly normal nowadays.

In our previous blogs, we have explored wonderful ideas on making your wedding a fun and memorable moment ever. But, the subsequent ideas will make you feel more aww-dorable and you will surely think to pick the one that best suits you.


Let them help you Save the Date

“Save the Date” idea has become quite popular in every culture these days. So let your pets convey the details of your wedding to your friends and relatives. Get a few pictures clicked along with your pet saying “Save the Date” on the board sign.

Picture Courtesy Mahima Bhatia Photography
Picture Courtesy NitinArora Photography


The best Save the Date probably we’ve ever seen 

Make them a Part of Your Wedding Pictures

After your wedding, your pet will always remain an integral part of your family. So, how about getting some really nice family photographs shot during the entire wedding celebrations?

Picture Courtesy What Knot
Picture Courtesy Photo Kitch
Picture Courtesy Paran Singh Photography

Here’s an incredibly beautiful Wedding Film with Pawprints  by Wedding Nama

Adorably Color Co-ordinated

Dress your fur ball with the matching dress as yours. So that they are not looking separate from your family members.

Picture Courtesy Wedding Nama
Picture Courtesy Harvinder Singh

Include them in your Pre Wedding shoot

As you get set for a pre-wedding shoot, you can add some curve to it by making your pet a piece of it. While most couples make utilization of some unordinary props to make this shoot additionally intriguing, you will have your small sweetheart to add more appeal to it.

Picture Courtesy Dipak Studios

Let them walk down the aisle along with you

Bride’s walk down with the aisle only with the  people that mean the world to them , their support and  the loved ones. So walk down with  your favorite pet .


Dogs love colours. They will surely fall in love with you more and more as they see you in bright colors and flowers for your mehendi- So the time has come to pose together and say cheeeeeez.  You can also  have a pet mehndi design  on your arm.  If you think  it’s not possible you need to check Wolly the Dog  in mehndi design here

Pets at Wedding
Picture Courtesy The Story Weavers

Dressing Up and Twirling with  them

This bride who is very happy to twirl in front of her bff – her all time favorite soul.

Picture Courtesy Wedding Nama

My Arm Candy Clicks

Since they don’t express it at all, but they can sense and internalize every big emotion of yours. So a final hug is mandatory before you become someone else’s heartbeat.

The Post wedding Good Byes

Just a simple classic good-bye shot that stays in your heart forever! Well if you are taking them with you  for a new journey so we guess it’s a collective goodbye from both of you for your family members.

Pets at Wedding
Picture Courtesy Bestian Kelly Photography

Last  but the most important , let them be part of your big day , include them in your ceremonies and you never know they will surprise you . This one’s an absolute  favorite and it will definitely melt your heart.

Our idea is to just say, get inspired by these awesome clicks and let your pets be a part of your wedding excitement, ceremonies and album too! Leave paw prints at your wedding and make a lasting impression.

Just steal any of these active ideas and make them an integral part of your ceremony.

If you too have pictures with your pet just being as happy as your family at your wedding, do share them with us at !

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