The Real Wedding Story of Aastha & Abhishake,Shimla

The Real Wedding Story of Aastha & Abhishake,Shimla

The best kind of love starts with an unexpected Hello!!

The above quote describes Abhistha- Aastha and Abhishake the best.  We all use facebook  to connect with our friends, but seldom we find our soul mate who connects  to our heart. They met each other as strangers on Facebook and now they are not just facebook friends but life-partners. Yes, it’s true that sometimes you won’t be able to find love, but love itself finds its way to reach you and the same thing happened here too. Their relationship started with the friendship on Facebook, so the entire wedding was a tribute to Facebook, the social media channel that brought them together.

Meet the Bride – Aastha Malhotra (Bansal)

Aastha, a deadly combination of Pahadan and Punjaban. Born and brought up in the Queen of Hills , Shimla. Aastha is  full on energy , loves to dance, fond of music, travelling  always excites her and has some good culinary skills too.  She is an enthusiastic HR Professional and follows her dreams and passion.

Meet the Groom – Abhishake Bansal

Abhishake an IT professional, born and brought up in Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh. A  handsome pahadi boy who loves music & travelling , not be missed  he also  a Big Foodie!

They do have a lot in common. A match made in Heaven and Face book plays the cupid.

Jab They Met (The Initial Days):

Aastha says: We were first introduced to each other through a common friend on Facebook. The common friend happened to be the lead vocalist of a band by the name of Himalayan Routes. Our love for music made us meet.

So, was theirs a love marriage or arranged? Aastha says: Oh, ours was a complete love marriage! Our common friend’s one introduction & our love for music and so, that’s how we met. We walked back the Himachal Hills, and from there the story started.

Wedding Proposal (A Dream Come to Be True):

Aastha shares,’ after the first introduction through our common friend, we started chatting on Facebook. We chit chatted for about 6 months and realized that music is the common hobby between us. So, our common love for music made us move ahead.

After 6 months of chit chat, he proposed to me by sending a gift from the US as he was in the US at that time. And i had no reason to not accept his proposal, he then came to India and we took it forward from there by making our parents meet.’

Engagement Day (Finally…………):

The courtship period had begun. It is always believed that this is the most lovely & stunning phase before marriage. Sure enough, it was for these both as well. More than all the mushy moments, it was Abhishake’s sense of humor that bowled over the beautiful lady, Aastha. He made her laugh, for he loved seeing it himself. During this phase they spent countless hours in fun and frolic in the lanes and walks of the capital city. This was when they discovered that their common interests lay along the same lines – listening to music and being right on the top of the list.

Finally they got engaged on December 9, 2016 in Bilaspur.

Pre-Wedding Shoot by DramatiqueFilms:

Marriages are supposed to be fixed in the heaven. Here is one of the sweet wed-fixing by almighty. Dramatique films name it “Abhistha” after Bride Aastha and Groom Abhishake’s name. We Dramatique films are fortunate that we got a chance to capture few precious moments during the pre-wedding and wedding shoot of the couple. A Real Love Story of AasthaMalhotra (Bansal) and AbhishakeBansal, who were introduced by a mutual friend in the form of formal meeting.

Sagan Ceremony:

In the backdrop of the holy havan, the ceremonial Tilak , the floral scent of all the flowers that came showering in from the guests and lots of gifts, the sagan  was a beautiful occasion. Only two more days were left for the event most awaited.

The sagan ceremony took place on 9th December 2016.

Mehendi & Sangeet Ceremony (Aastha’s Mehendi spells out Abhishake):

The grand wedding had kicked off. The mehendi ceremony was held on December 11 at the bride’s home. The couple began to have nervous but sweet jitters in anticipation of the D-Day. Their friends had all started poring in. The mehendi did have its cooling effect though. Trivia says that applying henna on the bride’s hands is done to reduce the nervousness that preceeds the marriage. It sure did help. The sangeet ceremony was held alongside the mehendi and called for double celebrations.

Wedding Day (Band Baaja Baraat & finally they are One):

Wedding Venue:

Aastha says,’ We got married at Hotel Marina, Shimla on 12th December 2016. This venue enabled that as it was a resort. It had comfortable and spacious guest rooms, large banquet halls and many other comforts. Overall it was neat and tidy that made our guests happy forever’.


The mandap was beautifully festooned with warm yellow flowers around the four pillars and the canopy was also surrounded by beautiful floral arrangements in warm yellows.

Wedding Attire (Love for Red):

Aastha was looking stunning in her bright Red velvet Lehenga with a work of Zardosi and was designed by her friend who owns a showroom by the name of Surya Sarees in Chandni Chowk, New Delhi. It costed a total of Rs. 82,000.

Look how beautiful Aastha looks in the Lehenga she is wearing in the picture below!

Beautiful Bride- Aastha

“Finally the Journey begins from Strangers to Soulmates”

Since it was the onset of winters, a mild breeze was in the air. Make-up artist was busy carving the bridal look out of Aastha. The spirits had soared. Amidst all the wedding hullabaloo, two souls grew from being mere acquaintances and family friends to husband and wife. They tied the knots and came together for a lifetime of happiness and laughter.

Aastha on her husband, Abhishake:  Abhishake you are the wind beneath my wings..You are the one who keeps me grounded and uplifted at the same time…

Abhishake on the love of his life, Aastha:  Aastha has brought out the best in me in a way that I might have never fully realized on my own. .. I couldn’t have asked for any better!

Kodak Moment that stays forever with the bride:

Aastha says,’ sitting in the car with my husband, and leaving my parents behind when they have been the only ones I’ve travelled with throughout my life is something I can never forget. That, for me, was simply the most remarkable moment at the wedding.’


Venue: Hotel Marina, Shimla

Makeup Artist: Minsen Beauty Parlour

Wedding Attire: Surya Sarees, Chandni Chowk, Delhi

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