November 5, 2017

Suit Up !

Zafar weds Nazia

As Ted Mosby says - There are two special days in every love story. First is, when you meet the girl of your dreams and second is, when you marry her. For me the first day happened in the beigning of this year when I met Nazia and right there I told myself that this year is going to be different. Stars aligned in our favour and gave us the perfect oppurtunity to fall in love with each other. We are so greatful to our stars, which in this case, are our families who blessed us to celebrate the second special day of this story :)

Haaaave you met Zafar ?

Every girl dreams of marrying someone who understands her, loves her and treats her as a princess. I found that someone or rather my Prince Charming in Zafar. As he describes himself, a Music Enthusiatic Software Engineer, he has two completely different personalities. He is determined to do things differently when it comes to work, but at the same time he is a fun loving person with a melodious voice. I loved all those one to one music sessions. Listening to his songs I just could not help myself falling for him. Each day with him, I discovered something new, something positive about him, which gave me the confidence to tell myself that I have found my Mr. Right.

Girl with the
Yellow Umbrella

Brayan Adams' song "To really love a woman" in the back of my head, I slowly stepped on the path of knowing her. She mesmerized me with all her innocence when we started talking to each other and soon I realized that she is the one, I've been looking for all this time. A caring, fun loving girl, with heart of gold, she is a strong willed person who is focused to make an identity with her work. I consider myself lucky for meeting and falling in love with her. Eagerly waiting for the day when we'll both say the words loud and clear - "Qabool hai" and start a new life.

Wear   your   red   boots   on ..

The Wedding Day
November 5, 12:00 PM onwards
Community Center, Sector 40, Chandigarh

The Reception
November 6, 12:00 PM onwards
Shehnai Palace, Kanjili Road, Kapurthala

Wait for it...

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