A Vibrant Delhi Wedding With A Cute Love Story Of Two Best Friends!

bride & groom pre wedding shoot

Wedding Festivities


Bride in grey gown for Engagement

Groom for Engagement party

bride & groom for engagement

Bride & Groom for engagement

Pre Wedding Cocktail Party

Bride in wine colored gown for her engagement

Bride & Groom in wine colored outfits for cocktail party

Bride & Groom in wine colored outfit for engagement

Bride & Groom in wine colored outfit for engagement


bride in cream lehenga for sagan

Vibrant delhi wedding

vibrant delhi wedding

vibrant delhi wedding


Haldi ceremony

Haldi ceremony


“What instilled a fervent drive in me to try out various looks for enhancing the wedding grandeur was to divulge such a look, which amplifies my true personality. Moreover, like any other girl, I wanted to bear a resemblance to my mother, to be able to look even half as beautiful as she looked during her wedding festivities. My absolute favorite one is undoubtedly, the crimson red bridal lehenga that I carried off so gracefully on my D-day.”- says the bride.

vibrant delhi wedding decor

vibrant delhi wedding decor

bride in red lehenga

bride in red lehenga

Indian groom

Delhi wedding

The Most Fun Part Of Wedding Day

“The most fun part was when I garnered the attention of the photographers who were excited to capture me in different hues and poses. Moreover, when I entered the lawn where everyone was awaiting my entry, it felt like I was the center of attraction and that the world revolved around me. Also, as a child, I always fantasized about the original
‘Din Shagna Da’ wedding song being played on my wedding day, as I grew up watching so many brides being in the spotlight with this song being played in the backdrop.”- says the bride.

A Quick Tip For Other Brides-To-Be

“Well, I would simply like to suggest them to stay hydrated, eat fresh veggies and fruits, and stay calm and composed. Being jovial is quintessential as what you feel innately gets reflected on your face. So, don’t panic about anything, be yourself, and try to make the most of each moment that you shall experience during your wedding festivities. These days surely won’t come back.”- says the bride.

So this was a beautiful tale of Arushi & Chirag vibrant Delhi wedding. If you too have such a beautiful wedding story then share it with us at [email protected] & get featured!

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