A Vibrant Delhi Wedding With A Cute Love Story Of Two Best Friends!

bride & groom pre wedding shoot


Best love stories arise when two best friends fall in love with each other. And our couple Arushi & Chirag love story is also one of the kind. The two had a vibrant Delhi wedding &  inspiring everyone with their love story the couple left no stones unturned to amaze everyone with their wedding pictures too.

Meet Arushi & Chirag

bride & groom pre wedding shoot

Isn’t falling in love with your best friend the greatest feeling in the world? Yes, it certainly is! From fighting over who’ll have that last slice of pizza to fighting out the whole world together, they knew they had perfectly transited from being “partners in crime” to being “partners in marriage.”

At times, developing an impeccable rapport with someone, that too, so effortlessly can indeed add double charm for both the parties. Gelling up with someone on both a cerebral and an emotional level, which is accompanied by
positive vibes and cordial behavior can turn out to be a truly magical experience.

bride & groom pre wedding shoot

The idea that “love is a friendship that has caught fire” is rightly propounded as if any two individuals don’t vibe with each other and get to know each other intimately, how can they even possibly fall in love with each other? Is it easy to
fall in love without knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the other person, his or her likes and dislikes, wishes, desires, and respective goals from life?

Certainly not. A deep friendship accompanied by a good level of understanding paves the way to a strong love connection. A perfect example of this is the love story of Arushi Kalra and Chirag Kalra.

bride & groom pre wedding shoot

Their relationship marked its inception with being just friends, escalated slowly to being best friends, and culminated in a beautiful conjugal bond. Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? From indulging in silly and playful bickerings, good-natured banterings, and sharing the darkest secrets of their personal lives, little did they knew that one fine day, they’ll be united as a soul and their distinct darkest secrets will soon be intertwined into unanimous ones.

The strong connection of their marriage lays its foundation since a long tenure of their friendship of many years. Standing like a rock in each other’s bad times, always being available for each other through thick and thin, and seeking sheer solace in the certitude of the other person’s presence is what essentially characterizes their wonderful marriage.

vibrant delhi wedding

They’re more of best friends and less of marriage partners. Initially, they had no idea that destiny has got such a big shot plan planned out for the two of them. But that’s the magical paradox of destiny. The best part is that they never rushed into making vital decisions concerning their lives. Took ample time to fathom what implications could their bond carry in the future, and duly tested their compatibility and understanding with each other.

Even in those times when life turned black and white for both of them, their smile brought a vibrant shade into their dull times and left both of them with colors of joy splattered all over their souls. It’s like her smile could make him feel emotions that he didn’t know existed.

vibrant delhi wedding

Their love story is certainly one of a kind and is truly an inspiration to many youngsters out there. May God continue to bestow his choicest blessings upon this awesome couple.

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