This Delhi Wedding Had The Most Unique Wedding Hashtag & Only E-Invites For The Wedding


Weddings are a celebration of two souls coming together for a new beginning and when it comes to our Indian weddings the celebrations get bigger and bigger. From a unique wedding Hashtag to designing their own wedding invites, letting go of printed invites completely and sticking only to e-invites this wedding has a lot of takeaways.

Meet Suruchika and Anuj

Suruchika and Anuj met in an Architecture College in 2011 became friends,  best friends and started dating each other in 2013. A 2-year long-distance relationship and finally getting hitched in 2019 this 8 year-long journey is nothing short of a modern-day fairytale. Today we aptly know the modern love marriages as love-cum-arranged marriage, where families are more than happy with the choices that their children have made for themselves.

Delhi Wedding

The Hashtag & The Invite

#surugotherAG the hashtag has that traditional Indian vibe to it and at the same time, it comprises of both their names.  Suru and her AG are both from Architectural background and hence the took the onus of designing their own wedding invitations. They went to keep the invites only as an e-invite and completely saying No to the printed invites as their effort to keep it enviro-conscious. Isn’t that a great thought, while there are many who still find it best to have both sides and keep both types of invites, Suruchi and Anuj went with a rather more practical choice. It does remind of Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja who also chose to invite their guests by only e-invites.

Indian Wedding PDF Invite

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