How to Create Yours and Yours Only Wedding Hashtag

Hashtags are invincible part of Social Media. Hashtags are a staple for every social media post and they have cast their spell on weddings too. Wedding Hashtags are a thing and there is no reason why they shouldn’t be or you must not have one. Wedding Hashtag can be something as simple as your names or something that describes your relationship.

Why Should You Have a Wedding Hashtag?

If you are thinking what the buzz is all about and Why Should You even have a hashtag in the first place? Well, it’s not wise to think that it’s only a social media trend to keep up with but it has a lot more to do than just a trend.

  1. To let the fun begin:

    You might be super excited about your wedding, off course it’s your wedding, after all, to get your friends to be super-excited get a hashtag. When you first announce it on social media announce it with a hashtag and let your friends know what you onto are.  Sharing a sneak peek of your preps put on a hashtag, this way they too will catch up and whilst they are prepping they too will use the same.


  1. To Collect Pictures:

    Goes without saying every wedding, is an opportunity to dress up, party and click click click! While you are busy with your wedding rituals and your friends and family are busy clicking and shooting fun videos. Whenever they are posted on the social media with a hashtag, you can search using your hashtag, so it gives you access to all the fun that you might have missed.

Decor by Taarini Weddings
Decor by Taarini Weddings

How to Create Your Wedding Hashtag?

Hashtags are usually tags that are used on social media websites, to convey something thoughts, events etc. It can be a single letter word or a multi-phase without a space preceded by #(Known as the hashtag). An example you are vacationing in Goa so instead of writing everything in a post you can simply hashtag  #goavacation  you need not put a space between any of the word or symbols. So let’s head start to how to create your wedding hashtag.


 Using your names

This is the most common hashtag that couples use these days. Usually, a word is formed amalgamating couple’s name and the hashtag is used before it. Such as Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma wedding was trending with #Virushkakishaadi and Kishwer Merchant and Suyyash Rai wedding had a hashtag #SukishkiShaadi . You can also use last names instead of first names and mix and match.

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Using a tagline that describes your relationship

Hashtags are not always your names, they can be something that you truly believe in, that describes your relationship. Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja chose #EverydayPhenomenal for their wedding it’s what they believe in. So you too can use a hashtag that you truly believe in and use it across all your posts.

Wedding Hashtags
Sonam Kapoor Anand Ahuja #EverydayPhenomenal


 Using your favourite hobbies

Chances are you two have the similar interest, but even if you don’t not a big deal.  Just mingle the two hobbies together and use it with a hashtag.   For instance, one is a book nerd and another a football enthusiast you can use #BooksandDribbles or if you both love trekking then you can use  #trekkersgettinghitched

Wedding Hashtag
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Pun Intended Hashtags

Hashtags need not be always lovey dovey and cute, but can be witty and humorous too. These are few that you could use #weirdosgettinghooked, #crackinguptogether1912, #lovecostmearing, #freedomnotguranteed, #roadwaytosharma(use the last name), #notjokingbutmarrying  #gameoverMehta (use the last name), #lightingupSindhis 

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Using Your Wedding Theme

If you have a theme for your wedding, then it’s wise enough to use it as your wedding hashtag too. The example is  Bipasha Basu and Karan  Singh Grover their wedding was #MonkeyWedding the theme of the wedding. Well, if you are thinking that the much in love couple call each other monkey that’s quite right because that’s what their post on their social media suggest. Also,  the term Monkey wedding stands for sunshowers too. So whatever your theme you choose use a hashtag ..

Wedding Hashtags
Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grovers Monkey Wedding

Hinglish/ Local Language Hashtags

English is a professional language of India, While Hinglish is colloquial . So let the fun begin and use your ever favourite Hinglish or your native languages to make the hashtags

#sapnakasapna( for Sapna who always dreamed of marrying the loved one), #Shaadikaladoo #samundaarmeinshaadi ( for a beach wedding)  #bhaikilagagyi( for some crazy fun).  Like they say “Asli Mazaaa Desi  Mein Hai ” and indeed it’s true.


Wedding Hashtags
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Date of the Wedding

If you are super confused or all the hashtags seem to be already taken or too common. Time to use your wedding date as a clue for incorporating into Hashtags.  There are several options here too either use the wedding date in numbers or use the month or the season of the year.  Such as #Sawaanmeinshaadi, #itsmonsoonwedding, 2Baraapnavivaah (meaning 2/12 our wedding),  #shaadi12/10 #SuRag208(The initials of bride and groom followed by dates)

Wedding Hashtags
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Your favourite Dialogue /Song/Movie or Even some signature words

There are dialogues from movies, shows that have made an impact. Use some catchy phrase or dialogue or any punchline to make your hashtag filmy. Here are your cues

#PariKushkiFavoritehai  (Jab We Met )

#SonuKeTituKiSweety ( Just swap the names here)

#SweetyparTituKaMandola (Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola)

#Sweetyterepyaarmein  (Gori Tere Pyaar Mein)

Wedding hashtag
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While you definitely need to put on the creative and witty cap to generate some super cool Hashtags, but you never know EUREKA moment can happen anytime and anywhere.  Don’t just settle for one but make a list of all the possible to be Hashtags and when you are done just ponder over them and pick the one that resonates with you the most. To get you some initial inspo you can use a wedding hashtag generator.

Do share your super cool Hashtags with us for our inspiration too…

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