Fun Bachelorette Party Cake Ideas for Bride-to-Be

A Bachelorette party is not your usual party, it’s a party to celebrate the last days of being Single.  Hen parties are a refresher from the wedding planning madness and a perfect party to let loose with your girlfriends. There’s nothing like a fun party sleepover with your friends and a fun party deserves a fun cake to celebrate the last days of Singlehood. Get inspired with elegant, fun & naughty Bachelorette Party Cake Ideas. Depending on how crazy and wild the party you want to throw here’s a list of all the cakes.

Celebrating the Bride-To-Be

The Bachelorette party is about celebrating the bride-to-be so a cake that says it right will be a perfect choice. To make the celebration more rememberable, go with personalized cakes. Yummylicious personalized cake that the bride and the bridesmaids will love gorging on.

Bride-to-be cake ideas

Cake by: Dhruti Patel

Bachelorette Party Cake Ideas

Cake By: CreamyFrosters~BakedwithLove

Floral Bride-to-be cake ideas

Bride-to-be Cake By: Archana crusty cake

Hen party cake ideas

Cake By: Sheer Indulgents

Bride-to-be cake ideas

Cake By: Martina Ćoko

Bridal Shower Cake

Bachelorette Party Cake By: Jethwa Sisters

Bride-to-be cake ideas1

Cake By: Liz Bakes

A bit of Sass and Dash for the excited bride-to-be

For the brides who can’t calm down as the excitement of being Mrs is too high, these cakes represent excitement, fun and a little quirk.

Bride-to-be cake ideas2

Cake by: Cakey_krafts

Wedding annoucement cake

Bridal shower Cakes by cakes_by_urvi

Bride-to-be cake ideas3

Cake by: Cocomom Cakes 

Bachelorette Party Cake Ideas1

Cake by: Sangeeta’s Cooking Mantra

Bachelorette Party Cake Ideas2

Bridal shower Cake by: Sugardust By Aakriti

Bachelorette Party Cake Ideas3

Cake by: Sweet Jaz

What being Married Looks like

A little peekaboo at what  #married means is what these cakes are designed for, the journey to being the Mrs is certainly an adventure. Here are some cakes with a dose of intended puns.

Hunt is over cake

Cake by: Icing Confectioneries

Bachelorette Party Cake Ideas4

Bride-to-be Cake by: Cake Face Jaipur

Bachelorette Party Cake Ideas5

Cake by: Cake Face Jaipur

Wedding Night theme cake

Cake by: Cakes_N_Shapes

Naughty cake ideas

Bachelorette party Cake by : Cocomom Cakes 

Miss to Mrs cake

Cake by: My Culinary Experiments

Flavoursome Elegance

Well, we all have different tastes and some prefer more elegant and classy cakes instead of quirky and sassy cakes.  Here are some chic cake ideas for brides whose style is defined by elegance.

Elegant Bride-to-be cake ideas

Cake by: Cake Nest

Bride-to-be cake ideas

Bridal shower Cake by: Creamy Creations

Ombre pink cake ideas

Cake by: Shruti Baid

Bride-to-be cake ideas1

Cake by: ajbencakesBride-to-be cake ideas2Bride-to-be Cake by: The Cakery

Bride-to-be cake ideas3


Purple Bride-to-be cake ideas

Cake by: Twin Chefs

Elegant cake for bride

Bridal shower Cake by: CAKE BAE

Elegant cake for bride1

Cake by: Rum Genie Cakes

Elegant cake for bride2


Elegant cake for bride3

bride-to-be Cake by: Cake Genius SA


No matter what your choice of sweet indulgences is, the party is going to be a blast with some fun times with BFFs building memories to cherish for a lifetime. So have fun and unwind.

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