A Bollywood Filmy Love Story Of A Delhi Bride In A Olive Green Bridal Lehenga!

Bollywood Filmy Love Story


Where there is love, there is no religion, no culture, no bar. So is the love story of Srishti & Akram – A full-on Bollywood filmy love story where the two met at the workplace, fell in love, and besides coming from two different religions their love made their bond stronger with the every passing day and with the blessings of their parents they had a beautiful day wedding. Another best part of this wedding story is Srishti’s gorgeous looks from her Mehendi & day wedding. She bowled us with her prettiest sky blue Mehendi outfit and her stunning olive green bridal lehenga that she picked up for her morning pheras is definitely bookmarking worthy. 

Scroll down to witness a Bollywood filmy love story of Srishti & Akram.

Meet Srishti & Akram

Bollywood couple

How they met:

“Our love story is like a Bollywood film, we come from 2 different ethnicities/religions, though we never felt so. Both our families have a modern, liberal outlook on life, and religion/ different cultural background is no bar when it comes to love, one has to be a good human being, that is it!

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Our story started at a workplace. I took his interview for a job he was applying for at the firm. He still jokes about how he knew he was already selected but gave an interview only because he found me attractive. We worked only for a brief period but instantly clicked, and spoke for hours and hours about music, food, and shopping. After 6 years of going strong, we decided to solemnize our wedding and our families stood by us.”- says Srishti.

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