Know Your Skin Type

As we flip the first page of our Bridal Blush The Bridal Beauty Diary , let’s  start with knowing our skin type. Before beginning with any  skin care regime it is important to Know your Skin Type. Though most of us know  what kind of skin we have, after all we are born with it and have known it for years now.   But, there are some of us who get it wrong many times.Before grabbing up that cute looking bottle of moisturizer, just because it looks good, it’s better to know your skin type and buy.  You need not to be a pro, to know your skin type; it is as easy as one-two-three.

Ready Steady and GO

Wash your face with your favorite cleanser removing all the dirt and   impurities.  Pat dry with a towel.  Stop!!!! You do not need to apply a moisturizer, toner and  in that case nothing  at all. Control the urge to apply your favorite moisturizer for an hour. Keep yourself busy with your usual chores. 

Wash and Pat Dry


Now let’s know your skin type, you will need a blotting paper. In case you don’t find one or don’t have one you can use glossy paper or the tracing paper. Remember the one’s we used in our good  school days for making amazing crafts and copying  drawings that were too difficult to draw ourselves.  Else just use a simple tissue paper.


Paper Test


Now just dab the paper on your face starting with your cheeks and then T Zone.


Dab the tissue


What is  a T- ZONE?

The  area on your face covering nose, forehead and chin are known as T Zone as they make the alphabet T on your face.



Now check the paper. What do you see?

  1. If you find no traces or very little traces of oil on the paper Eureka! You get to join the gang of people blessed with Normal Skin.
  2. If you find that the paper has an excess of oils. It’s time to take extra care of your skin as you join the  league of Oily Skin  People.
  3. If you find that your T-zone is oily and the rest of the area is dry or normal. You have found yourself a Combination Skin.
  4. If you are  skin is feeling too tight and  you seem to find no oil or a negligible amount of oil on your paper, then  you have been  added to  the Dry Skin  Gang and your best buddy is  a moisturizer.

So with this we get 4 Skin types  Normal, Oily, Dry and Combination. But this is not all we also have Sensitive Skin  and  an Acne prone Skin  along with the combination of these 4 Skin types. So you may have an Oily Acne Prone Skin or a Dry sensitive Skin. People with Acne prone skin are the ones who have acne and pimples  as uninvited visitors.  This is most common with oily skin types. Sensitive Skin  Types are the ones who get hold of rashes, allergies, itchy and reactions  too easily. So now you know your skin type, you can go ahead and shop for the products  best suited  for your skin.


Note:  Do  this  test  again  again in few months as  our skin  types do change with time with  age, hormonal  changes, the environmental exposure  and of course the nutrition  and our lifestyles.


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