Wedding Day Photos Brides ought to have with their Dearest Father

Wedding Day Photos Brides ought to have with their Dearest Father

The time when we look at our wedding album for the very first time, we feel overwhelmed by seeing the bride and the groom. Apart from this, there’s a something different at the wedding that makes our eyes burst into tears. This different part is nonetheless the bride’s father’s face when he sees his princess walking down the aisle with his prince charming.

The first eye contact of the bride with the groom has become a common thing these days, but the father-daughter first look has melted our hearts. Since the father of the bride is the first man to see his daughter in the wedding look before she takes the first step towards her new journey of life. The father gets emotional on seeing her daughter in this attire. Your photographer can capture this moment that reveals “dads are so rare to expose, instead they pretend to be the strongest of all”.

On the off chance that there is just a single minute in a man’s life when he can’t stifle his emotions, it is this “His little princess’ wedding day”.

He experiences uncountable feelings and bids you away with an overwhelming heart and sorrowful eyes Also, in the hustle clamour of the preparations, you may neglect to bolt those precious. Tell your photographer to capture the best pictures with your dad.

This first look of daughter and father on the wedding day can enable you to get one of the most expensive photographs. Scroll down to have a look on these proud papas on their little angel’s D-Day from the wedding photographers list.

When he Shakes a Leg with You

The father-daughter dance is a tradition which us Indians are adopting from the west because honestly, it’s the best!

Sunny Dhiman Photography

While performing the Rituals

Kirandeep Photography

Shanty Photography

Plush Affairs

When he bids you adieu 

It’s the moment you dreaded your whole life is here. This is the picture which will capture a whole a lot of emotions. We are talking major tears! PS – You’ll cry every time you see this, even the years later.

The Moment when he walks you down the aisle


Some Sacred Moments

Rajesh Digital

Divishth Kakkar Photography

Some Light-Hearted Moments

Cam Catches

When he’s the Most Happiest

He never let his princess feel an iota of sadness, kissed all your fears and troubles away, but you can’t seem to hold them back today!

Happy Flashbacks

No matter whoever person enters your life, parents are always irreplaceable! So enjoy each and every moment with them.

Awwwww…. What are you waiting for then? Do tell your photographer that you want all these precious and unforgettable memories with your Real Prince who is none other than your Dad!

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