15+ Awesome Wedding Invitation Cards Ideas

Wedding invitation is the first piece of presentation about how grand your wedding ceremony is. This is why all of you are so peculiar about the designs and styles that you shall choose for the wedding cards. But with so many options that are available; people tend to get confused about the selection.

So, to help you on this very aspect, here is a look at some of the wedding card invitation ideas that will show your class and style –

#1 Floral Invite

Getting a floral background on your wedding card is always a smart idea for you if you are looking to have a happy feel on your wedding card. Going for the unique perfume yellow lilies or sunflower may be a very sound option for you if you are looking to make your wedding invite special and appealing for everyone.

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#2 Getting the Moon

This is another idea which you can get to implement if you are looking to make the wedding invite special.There is a wide array of ideas that you can get to execute if you are looking to go for the moon in the background. You shall sit down with your friends and experts to help you out and you will be able to get the best design on your wedding card.

Moon Themed Wedding Invite

#3 Getting the photo of couple

This is another very popular style that you can get to choose if you are willing to make the wedding invite
special and appealing to everyone. It will make you cherish the moment even after several years and will
also make everyone to appreciate the idea that you have put in.


#4 Playing with the fonts

Another very smart way to make the wedding cards special is by playing with the font styles and designs.
You can tweak the fonts and styles just a little bit and a normal wedding invite will turn into a special one. It will make a resounding impression on anyone who is going to receive invites from you.

#5 Going for the rosy theme

Rose is often connected with love and having a rosy background on your wedding card will make the love
between the couple more visible. This is why a lot of people tend to make use of the rose theme on their
wedding cards and make it special and appealing.

#6 Going for the maple leaves

Another way to make the wedding cards so very special is by going for the maple leaves which may cost you dear. But they will also create an impression which will last for long and everyone will save the date for your wedding ceremony. You shall have a discussion with your friends and family and if you are looking to make it special, go for this idea.

#7 Having the dark theme

It is not suggested as the dark colour is sentimentally bad in India but if you are still looking for something out of the blue, you can try it. It will give a completely different feel to the wedding cards and make everyone take note of it. But you may receive some negative comments, so be careful.

#8 The plain theme

Sometimes, the best way to do something is by not actually doing it. So, if you are looking to make your
wedding invite special, just leave it plain without doing anything. Most of the cards these days are extravagant.

#9 The cricket style theme

If you are a fan of sports, you must attempt this theme to show everyone the love for the game. You can get a picture of the stadium on the background with bride & groom being the batting partners and the guests being the audience. It will be different, unique and make everyone to keep looking at it time and again.

Cricket Theme Wedding Invite

#10 Going the traditional Rajasthani way

Another way to make the wedding cards special is by going for your traditions. So, going for the traditional Rajasthani theme is one of the best ideas that you have in hand if you are from that region. It will give you a fragrance of your values and cultures and make you feel special.

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#11 The love theme

Another very special theme that you can get to execute on your wedding card is the love theme. Getting yours and partners picture with a romantic background will give everyone the couple goals and make them look at the wedding invites more than once and helping them to reserve the day for you.

#12 The sweet design

The most unorthodox and sweetest way to send a wedding invite is by sending it on a chocolate rapper
with a chocolate inside it. It will not only help them remember the date but also help them feel sweeter. But you need to get customized rappers and give it some good time to execute properly.

#13 Nawabi style invites

Another way to make a sound impression on everyone is by going for the Nawabi style wedding invite. Get the cards printed in Urdu with traditional Nawab and Begum in the background depicting you and your partner. It will definitely make everyone realize their culture and give a special to the card.

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#14 Going for Sanskrit

Another old school way to make the card very special is by getting the complete card printed in the Sanskrit language. It will help everyone know that you love your values and culture while also adding a different touch to your wedding.

#15 The 3-D vision

Last but probably the most exciting way to make the  wedding cards special is going for the 3-D one. It is a very rare card and will cost you some good money but will help the message to be delivered in the right
manner. You can get the 3-D album and message ready on the card and then get it delivered to your loved ones. Anyone receiving these 3- cards will feel special and definitely make time for your special day without any excuses.

Hurry, and pick any one of these amazing wedding cards online ideas are all of them are trendy &stylish!!


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