What to Include in Your Wedding Invitation Website

Wedding Invitations Websites are no longer a gimmick of tech-savvy couples. Once considered a fun add-on, they are now a must-have essential for the wedding. The millennial couples are constantly on a lookout for innovative ways to wedding planning and wedding websites come in handy to manage the guest department to say the least. Wedding websites if done right is a great resource for the couple and the guests.

Wedding websites are not just pretty design, but a pocket diary of sorts for the couple and the guests.

Here’s why wedding websites prove to be a valuable resource for the couples and the guests.

  • Putting out all the information in one place, helps you get a swing on the things, that otherwise would skip your minds.
  • Helps you keep track of logistics.
  • Avoids frequent queries from guests as the information is readily available to them.
  • Guests know what to expect and what travel/lodging arrangements they need to make.
  • No delayed delivery of invitations or lost invitation cards.
  • Answers most of the questions such as the date, venue, dress code and other wedding itinerary depending on the events that you are having.
  • Easy to end using WhatsApp and e-mail.

Putting up a wedding website together is another good opportunity for the couples to connect and understand each other’s perspective of the wedding.

Here is a guide to what you must include in your wedding invitation website and what to include to make it more informative and practical.

The Must – Include

The Dates

Weddings can span from 1 day to 3 days and it’s very important to include the dates the wedding festivities will take place. In case you plan to have an intimate wedding with just a few friends and family and then have a grand reception, then it’s safe to have two different websites or URLs.  Include only the dates that you want to have guests over do not include the date that is only relevant to a few people.


It goes without saying including the location on the wedding website is a must. In case you have not yet finalized the location and you have only set the date, then you must send out Save-The-Date Cards before sending out websites. Save-The-Date cards let the guests plan their calendar in advance. Include Google maps with directions so that the guests can find the way to the venue.

Traditional South Indian Save the Date Invite
Created by Wish N Wed

Event Details

Indian weddings particularly have a number of events and they vary from region to region. It is best to include the event details along with timings and details for the guests. It helps them prepare for the wedding accordingly. If there is a dress code it should be included.

Contact Information

You should and must include the contact information on your website so that in case of any emergencies other queries guests can dial in. It’s not necessary to include the brides and grooms information. You can have any of your family members in charge of the same. If you have privacy concerns you can make your website private and have a password to unlock the website.

Additional Inclusions

While the basics are all covered, these are the minimum that the website must have. Here are a few additional things that you can incorporate on your wedding website to make it more informative & engaging.

Add your Lovestory

Honestly, everyone wants to know about the couple. You can give them some insights as to how you met; it can be through friends, family etc.  Including the information just saves you some questions on your wedding day.

 Include your family/important people

The best part of the wedding invitation websites is you can introduce important people in your life to your guests. Information like who will be your best man, maid of honour and your parents with pictures is great.


There are some questions that you know are very obvious to crop up. Prepare a list of important questions that you think guests can have & answer them in FAQ’s section. It is extremely important for out-station guests. You can include a few questions related to dressing code, food, travel etc.

Travel & Accommodation

If you are arranging for travel and accommodation for guests from airports/ stations let them know in advance. For out-station guests it goes without saying you need to inform them of arrangements you have or in case they have to look into the arrangements themselves suggest them some nearest guest houses/ resorts/ cabs etc.


If you have wedding planners, cab service providers or any other vendors into guest management mention their contact information so that the guests can directly coordinate with them.


The best way to manage guests is to have an RSVP section included. There are many benefits of having an RSVP section on your wedding website. It gives an idea of who is attending and what arrangements you need to make for the particular guest. Once you have the expected number of guests you can plan the arrangements accordingly.


Scrolling through pictures is fun, so include your best moments on the website through pictures. If you have got a pre-wedding shoot done you could include the pictures from it. Also, you can add pictures of the time you were dating or engagement. Pictures make the website look lively and engaging.

Games / Activities

If you plan to have some fun games and activities at your wedding, you could include it on your website or you can keep it as a surprise.

Recommend Local Activities

Suggest local sightseeing places or activities that your guests can take up while they are here for attending your wedding. It’s an opportunity for guests to indulge in some tourist activities at destination weddings so make the most of it and suggest some nice places and things to do.

 Ask for suggestions

You can make your wedding website engaging by asking a few questions such as playlist suggestions for various functions/activity suggestions etc.


These additional inclusions are entirely on the discretion of the couple. The couple should discuss together what they wish to include or exclude from the wedding website.  Wedding websites are a fun way to invite guests to a wedding & saving you a lot of stress and unnecessary hassles.  You can use our free wedding website maker to create your wedding invitation.




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