2019 Wedding Invitation Design Trends

Thinking of what will be the next thing in wedding invitation trends for 2019? Get inspired by these trendsetter ideas that we have enlisted for your 2019 Wedding on Cards.

A wedding invitation speaks volumes about you and an idea of kind of wedding that they will expect. Your wedding invite will let your guest know how much fun they are going to have in this celebration of love. Having said that, it’s important to create an invite that does what it intends to do, i.e. give an insightful sneak peek to your wedding. Floral Wedding Invitations to Gatefold Wedding Invitations, Customized Monograms and Love Timelines, Quirky WhatsApp Wedding Invitations to Just Not Other Paper Invite Wish N Wed brings to you some of the most loved designs of 2018 and some new designs that are expected to rule 2019 Wedding Invitation Trends.

We know that those of you who are considering tying the knot in 2019 are looking to grab all the attention by picking up not just latest but unique ideas. Here are some wedding invitation trends that are sure to make headlines in 2019.

Floral Wedding Invitation Designs

Floral trend has been a big hit in 2018. Floral-inspired designs were seen on wedding outfits, wedding décor, wedding invitations, and jewellery too. This trend doesn’t seem to slow down.  Wedding Invitations too saw a shift towards floral invites be it paper invitations, WhatsApp Wedding Invitations or Box Invitations a touch of floral was quite evident in 2018. None denying the fact, there is more to Floral-Inspired Wedding Invitations in 2019. This wedding season you can go with the floral designs by adding some bold hue of it to your invite. It’s not necessary to have them in pinks and white you can go bold colors. Opt for a perfect color palette that complements your wedding décor, theme, and your style.

App Wedding Invitation Gif

There are a number of ways you can incorporate florals into your wedding invitations from simple designs to creative over the top floral designs.

Water Color Effect

Wedding Invitations with a watercolour effect look fresh out of the paint book.  You can create wreaths, couple illustrations or even a scene out of your favourite movie or a place. Even beautiful colours put together to give a scattered watercolour effect weave magic on wedding invitations.

2019 Wedding Invitation Trends

Source: Wish N Wed

Sassy Monograms

Customized monograms in your wedding e-invite, how cool is that? You can use the first initials of your name or nicknames and can entangle the words to make a signature monogram. It can become the highlight of your wedding invitation. So choose it wisely and make it an awesome one. You can take some inspiration from Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas monogram. You can use the Monogram not just on the invite but in your wedding favours and wedding décor too.


2019 Wedding Invitation TRends
Source: Priyanka Chopra

Wedding Invitation Card With Bride Groom and their Pets

Pets are a family, they bring happiness to your life. Couples who absolutely adore their pets show love for their pets by including them in their wedding festivities. Be it dogs and cats or both, the invitations can be created with them alongside the bride and the groom. The invitation can be in the form of caricatures or one can use their and their pet’s real images to form a collage.

Globetrotter Invitation

If you love to travel then show it in your wedding e-invitations. You can customize your wedding invite in form of a map, flight tickets, and railway tickets. Mark the locations of your wedding festivities with date and time on the map and let your guests get impressed with your wedding invitations. This idea works best for a Destination Wedding Invite.

2019 Wedding Invitation TRends
Source: Template.Net

Wedding Invitation Film

Wedding Invitations and Video Invites are also one of the coolest ways to invite your loved ones. This was first seen at gorgeous Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu & talented actor Karan Singh Grover wedding. They used their pre-wedding pictures in the video and also set the background music. Their invite left everyone awestruck.

Alternative to pre-wedding shoot pictures you can also make a short video of pictures starting from your childhood and portray a wonderful story along with an invitation. These invitations can be shared over WhatsApp or any other messaging app that supports video and email.

Cultural Influences

India is a land of rich cultural heritage and weddings across the country are celebrated according to one’s traditions. Couples are now showcasing their cultures on the wedding invitation and experimenting with different ways to impress their guests.

Punjabi Wedding Invitation

Nature-Inspired Wedding Invitations

Environment-Friendly has been the mantra in 2018. It’s not just video invites or WhatsApp Invites that stole the thunder but invites made of recycled paper with patterns of green made their mark.

Eco Friendly Wedding Invitation
Source: Pinterest

You can use the hues of nature in your wedding invitations with green colour patterns like the famous Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s online wedding invitation. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja wedding invitation was not only nature-inspired but also an e-invite.

2019 Wedding Invitation Trends

On the other hand, Anushka & Virat Kohli added sampling to their invite and also kept the entire wedding invitation suite in shades of green and white with floral patterns.

 2019 Wedding Invitation TRends


With the announcement of your wedding, everyone is quite curious to know about the love timeline of you two. So why not to share your love story in your wedding invitations and let your guests know the beautiful tale of two.

Wedding Invitation Website

Source: Wish N Wed

Unicorns & Rainbow Inspired Wedding Invitations

Unicorns are magical and so are the Rainbows. The unicorn trend is up for the sleeves for people who believe in setting new trends and creating something visually delightful for their guests. Slowly filtering its way to the wedding trends is the unicorn and rainbow trend. Rainbows and unicorns are making an appearance in bridal showers, outfits and very much on the cakes and it will soon be seen on wedding invitations too. If you can have a unicorn themed wedding décor you can experiment with the wedding invitations too.

Unicorn Themed Invite
Source: Pinterest

2019 wedding invitation design

Gatefold Invitations

Another beautiful and elegant design trend that is expected to be a big hit in 2019 is gatefold wedding invites. Imagine how beautiful it will look when gates will open and your invitation will pop up. How creative is that??? To make it more radiant you can add laser cut touch to it. You can get some inspiration from beautiful IshaAmbani wedding invite & Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas wedding reception invite. It’s amazing and a lot of ideas you can steal from it.

You can have a look at the entire invitation at:

Games Inspired Wedding Invitations

Remember when Candy Crush was a rage, it was everyone’s favourite and so and so that it led to the idea of incorporating favourite games on your wedding invitations.  Couples have been using the designs of their favourite games on their wedding invitation cards such as Ludo, Chess, Candy Crush etc.  It won’t be a  surprise to see PUBG inspired wedding invitation in the year 2019. You can incorporate these into Websites, WhatsApp Wedding Invitations, and Paper Invitations too.

Wedding Invitation DEsigns
Source: Pinterest

Geometrical Patterns

Another unique trend in a wedding invitation is a geometric shape invite. Ditching caricatures and floral you can go for square blocks or geometrical shapes and patterns in your e-invite. You can choose some exquisite metallic colors to make your invite look fancier.

Wedding Invitation Designs
Source Pinterest

These are some of the wedding invitation trends which will rule the wedding invitation trends in 2019. We are just waiting to see how 2019 unveils and what new will wedding industry witness in 2019. In the fast-changing world of Weddings, couples experiment and create new trends every day.

In case you are looking out to explore some new designs, you can try our Wedding Invitation Maker and feel the magic of creating your wedding invitation yourself.

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