Jaimala Trends That Are A Big Sell-Out In 2018

Varmala Scenes

As soon as Virushka wedding pictures debuted on the internet, all hell broke loose. The wedding was a smashing knockout to 2017 wedding trends. Paving ways for new wedding trends and inspiration. From floral wedding lehenga in pink to floral decor everything that this wedding was, has struck a cord with soon-to-be-married couples. 2018 so far has been floral lehengas, floral decors, floral jewellery, floral varmala and everything floral and botanical. Here are Jaimala Trends  That have been a Big Sell-Out in 2018,  be it real or faux, they are all floral.


Before heading to the exhaustive list, do you know what does Jaimala Ceremony Mean?

The Ceremony of exchanging garlands means accepting each other as husband and wife. A  ritual practised since Swayamvar times. It’s the bride who first puts the garland around the groom. Flowers are considered pious for the varmala ceremony and symbolise beauty, happiness and excitement.

Heading Over to The Beautiful  Jaimala Pictures

Combination Red and White Roses 

Jaimala Trends
Picture Courtesy Cheese Cake Project

Pink & White Varmala In Sync With The Outfits & Decor 


Floral Jaimala
Jaimala by Floral Art

Floral Whites with Hues of Pink Roses 

Floral Jaimala
Picture Courtesy Xsightusa

White Mogras with Chrysanthemum Rings Jaimala

Jaimala Designs
Picture Courtesy Dipak Studios

Yellow and Pink Roses aliasVirushka Inspired Jaimala

Floral Jaimala
Source Wedding Shenanigans


Red Roses Intertwined with White Mogra Jaimala

Floral Jaimala
Picture Courtesy The Dew Drop Project.


Bunch of Pink Roses To Mix With the White  Varmala

Floral Varmala
Picture Courtesy Rajesh Digital


Elaichi Varmala

Jaimala Designs
Source Shaandaarweddingz


Huge White with Pink  Rings Varmala

Floral Jaimala
Picture Courtesy Wedding Nama

Quartet Strings Of Roses

Floral Jaimala
Source Rosette wedding


Faux Pink Ranunculus Varmala 

Floral Jaimala
Source Kaushal Beauty Jaimala by Maari Floral

Tulsi Leaf Varmala

Jaimala Designs
Source : What Wedding How

Pearly Pink and White to Go with Her Outfit

Floral Jaimala
Picture Courtesy George Seemon

Baby Roses In Different Colours

Floral Jaimala
Picture Courtesy Isha Films


Pink Roses with Golden Bulbs 

floral jaimala
Picture courtesy Thericelightproject

A little green to add to the charm

Floral jaimala
Picture Courtesy Fotowalle The Story folks

Co-ordinating just about everything

Floral Jaimala
Picture Courtesy Taaniyah Seyth

These pictures are proof that floral Jaimalas are a big rage and they can be coordinated with the outfits as well as the decor. Natural floral Varmalas have their own charm and eco-friendly to boot. They also are a player in your wedding photographs, so choosing the right kind of varmala is a must-do.


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