Personalized Wedding Websites for Beautiful New Beginnings

Some good old years back, romancing the one you desire was not easy. And it ’s surely was quite an experience. Can you imagine sending love letters through a pigeon, must say it was quite a task What if the pigeon forgets the direction, or is caught by the angry father it would be a nightmare. When you think of it, the test of time that has given us some never to be forgotten love stories.

Technology has made life so much easier and for the lovebirds it couldn’t get better. When internet made its debut it brought along the power to connect people across the globe. Stalking on the streets have not been largely taken over by stalking on Tinder, Facebook and Instagram. Love letters have been replaced by text messages and announcements of something special is now replaced from telegrams to Instagram stories,WhatsApp stories.

Wedding planning is the whole lot easier now, though you still have many sleepless nights in the process.  You can now book a vendor without even visiting him. Thanks, to wedding planning websites featuring the vendors and lot of people sharing their reviews. The present generation is looking out to simplify things, yet making it no less. The latest to catch the attention among them is “Personalized Wedding Website “

So what are Wedding Websites?

Wedding websites are just like any other website on the internet but specially crafted for the purpose of wedding invitations. The website consists of all the wedding-related details such as details about the bride and groom, wedding ceremonies, venues, RSVP’S, and you can also guests can write down wishes about the couple.

You can have a look at beautiful wedding invitations made by the real couples here

How does it work?

It’s simple, just like you order for a paper wedding card through a vendor. You have to select the design or you can also get it customized as per your needs from websites offering wedding websites and relax. Once your website is ready, you can send it across via an email, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. In other words, they are digital invites or e-invites and quite popularly known as WhatsApp Wedding Invitations.

Why do couples build a wedding website when they can always print one?

Well, there are numerous reasons why couples are adopting personalised wedding websites.

  • They are personalised and no two websites can be the same because no two love stories can be the same. A couple can create their entire timeline from Jab we Met to Kab we will Wed that too with pictures.
  • You can make numerous alterations, till the last minute without the fear of money wastage, or paper wastage and a scribbled paper invitation is a big NOOO.
  • It’s easy to share as no courier hassles are involved.  You need not track missed invitations and clicking a  picture of your print invitation and posting on social media is just too cliché.
  • No last minute calls from guests who cannot locate the venue because google maps integrated invitation will do it for you.
  • You can add your pre-wedding and wedding album to your personal wedding website.
  • Add videos, music, pictures, and thoughts to make it more fun.
  • The last but not least saves you money and also your contribution to the environment by Saving Paper.


So with so much on the table why not have a personalised wedding website and also it’s heartbreaking to see your well-designed paper invitation lying in a bin after a few days.

What are you waiting for? Get a personalized wedding invitation for a beautiful new beginning. Share the idea with someone whose wedding is on the cards.

Did you know that you can now create your very own  Wedding Website yourself on WishNWed without the assistance of a designer? Isn’t that cool.


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