10 Unique Ideas for WhatsApp Wedding Invitations

There is a popular saying, “Weddings are made in Heaven”. Weddings are such events that are celebrated with creative wedding invitations designed by the expertise of trained designers all over the world. While printed paper invitations are the most used medium to invite guests, e-invitations have gained their own share of importance. WhatsApp is the most popular medium to send e-invitations and hence they are most commonly known as WhatsApp Wedding Invitations.  

Wedding Invitations now have seen a  vast shift in trends from design to colors. WhatsApp Wedding Invitations are setting a different trend in the world of wedding events. Such invites are not just handwritten details (like the venue, date, etc) but a whole new level of creativity delivered straight to your guest’s WhatsApp Inbox.

Tinsel town is quick-witted to adapt to the new technologies and trends and celebs are switching from E-Invitations, as an initiative to “paper conservation”. Digital Invitations are a creative canvas, where one can experiment with different themes, designs, colors, elements, and even the mode. 

Wish N Wed would never want couples to stay away from the latest trends and hence we have curated 10 Unique Ideas for your WhatsApp wedding Invitations.

Wedding Invitation Theme for Destination Wedding

Thinking to plan a Destination Wedding?  Whatever location you set you can coordinate your E-invite keeping in mind the location. You can think of the landmark or the famous places, or what describes the place best. Once you know what elements you need to incorporate you can begin with your invitation. 

If you plan to host a wedding by the beach, then there is nothing better than an invitation that describes what the wedding will look like. Blue skies above and blue water below isn’t it breathtaking?

If you plan to host a wedding, in the grandeur of palaces and a place like Rajasthan then an e-invite like the one below showcasing Umaid Bhawan Palace is apt for the occasion.  Your WhatsApp Invitation should be nothing more than the grandeur of the palaces.

Wedding Invitation Theme based on the Season

Whether you love to get hitched in summer, autumn, or winter season, before the day itself, you can capture the true essence of the season by sending wedding invites based on the theme of that particular season. It can surely give a glimpse of thought to your guests.

If you are getting married under the shining sun, then the wedding invitation theme design can be coordinated with light pastel colours. Here is one sample…

Wedding Invitation Theme for Summer Season

Autumn Season is famous for falling trees. So, the wedding invitation theme can be in such a way that it depicts the season. The design has a classy and timeless appeal.

Wedding Invitation Theme for Autumn Weddings

Winter Season is famous for snow and Fog. So, the E-invite can have the background as falling snow and blurred as fog.

Wedding Invitation Theme for Winter Weddings

Source: Forever Fiances

Culture-Inspired Wedding Invitation

If you are a couple who wants to stick to their roots, then make culture the highlight of your invitation. Cultural Invitations are in vogue and they make an impact like no other.  If you two belong to different cultures you can make your WhatsApp  Invitation an amalgamation of both cultures.

Maharashtrian WhatsApp Wedding Invitation

Himachali WhatsApp Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation Theme with your Love Timeline

If you feel like, you want to add a Love timeline to your WhatsApp Wedding Invitation, then surely you can incorporate it in an extraordinary way. Like you can add the day you first met, your first kiss date, the day you proposed to her marriage, and the day when she said yes. 

Wedding Invitation Theme with your Love Timeline

Wedding Invitation Theme from a favorite Movie

Are you a Bollywood buff and don’t seem to get that filmy keeda out of you?  Just pick the poster of your favorite movie and use it in your Wedding Invitation. This will give an awesome look to the E-Invite.

Wedding Invitation Theme from favorite Movie

Source: Metro Weddings

Wedding Invitation Theme from a favourite game

Are you and your fiance full-time gamers? Finally here’s a great chance of getting featured in that game of your own Online Wedding Invitation.

Mario Themed Wedding Invitation
Designed by Wish N Wed

Wedding Invitation Theme using Cartoons

Here’s a WhatsApp Wedding Invitation for those who want to go into the world of their Childhood Days. You can send Cartoon themed E-Invite as your Wedding Invitation.

Cartoons invitations

Wedding Invitation Theme using Caricatures

There are very fewer people who are not in love with Caricatures. Here is one WhatsApp Wedding Invitation idea in the form of Caricatures.

Wedding Invitation Theme using Caricatures

Floral Wedding  Invites

It’s a no-brainer that florals are an all-time favourite in Indian Weddings. From trousseau to wedding decor florals are bound to be a part of weddings. WhatsApp wedding invitation like the one below with flower shower is sure to make guests go gaga about it.

floral wedding invitation

Wedding Invitation Theme using Vectors

It seems as if Beauty lies in Simplistic designs. Here is one Wedding Invitation Design that is classic, unique, simple, and elegant.

Wedding Invitation Theme using Vectors

vector caricature invitation

Wedding Invitation Theme from a Comic Cover

Do you love to read comics? Then using the comic versions in your WhatsApp Wedding Invitation is the ultimate step to use your passion on your D-Day.comic-book-wedding-invites

Source: HalloweenCostumes.Com

Using the above Wedding Invitation Theme ideas, you can create your E-Invite with a totally extraordinary look. All you need is an organization with expert and trained designers. Wish N Wed is one platform that can help you overcome this difficulty.

Whatever the Idea you can trust Wish n Wed to create your WhatsApp Wedding Invitation as stunning as you.WhatsApp Wedding Invitations in India

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