10 Unique Ideas for WhatsApp Wedding Invitations

There is a popular saying, “Weddings are made in Heaven”. These are such events that are celebrated with creative wedding invitations designed by the hands of trained designers all over the world. A few of you might love to have traditional wedding invites, but most of you want to go for E-invites. You’ll either wish to send it via WhatsApp, E-mail etc or choose an eco-friendly option or share it through other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Wedding Invitations nowadays have touched a different level. WhatsApp Wedding Invitations are setting a different trend in the world of wedding events. Such invites are not just the handwritten details (like the venue, date etc) but are the official announcement to send via WhatsApp.

It can be seen in the tinsel town as well, celebs are switching from paper invites to Online Wedding Invitations, as an initiative to “paper conservation”. Such digital invites will surely blow your mind, be it themed for the destination wedding, designed using caricatures etc.

Wish N Wed will never want couples to stay away from the latest trends. Have a peek and pick out the best Online Wedding Invitation template from the curated list, that you shouldn’t miss for your D-Day:

Wedding Invitation Theme for Destination Wedding

Thinking to plan a Destination Wedding? Send your relatives a stunning and unique designed invite relating to the theme of your wedding. If you are getting hitched in a different State or abroad, then the location-specific E-invites are the best to suit your fancy.

This is the example of Wedding E-Invite, for couples who are tying the nuptial knot in Italy.

Destination Wedding Invitation Theme

Source: Pinterest

This is the idea of Online Wedding Invitation for the couples who have dreamt of King style Wedding at a Luxury Palace or Royal Hotel.

Destination Wedding Theme at a Royal Palace


If you have planned your wedding near the coast, then this is the best idea for E-invite..

E-Invite for Beach Wedding

Source: Elegant Wedding Invites

Wedding Invitation Theme based on Season

Whether you love to get hitched in summer, autumn or winter season, before the day itself, you can capture the true essence of the season by sending wedding invites based on the theme of that particular season. It can surely give a glimpse of thought to your guests.

If you are getting married under the shining sun, then wedding invitation theme design can be coordinated with light pastel colours. Here is one sample…

Wedding Invitation Theme for Summer Season

Autumn Season is famous for falling trees. So, the wedding invitation theme can be in such a way that it depicts the season. The design has a classy and timeless appeal.

Wedding Invitation Theme for Autumn Weddings

Source: Favors And Flowers

Winter Season is famous for snow and Fog. So, the E-invite can have the background as with falling snow and blurred as fog.

Wedding Invitation Theme for Winter Weddings

Source: Forever Fiances

Modern & Traditional Wedding Invitation

This is one form of E-invite when the couple wants to stick to their roots. The latest animations and bright pastel colors can give a modern yet Indian look to the Wedding Invitation.

Modern & Traditional Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation Theme with your Love Timeline

If you feel like, you want to add Love timeline to your WhatsApp Wedding Invitation, then surely you can incorporate it in an extraordinary way. Like you can add the day you first met, your first kiss date, the day you proposed her for marriage and the day when she said yes. 

Wedding Invitation Theme with your Love Timeline

Wedding Invitation Theme from favourite Movie

Have you always dreamt of B-Town Wedding? Just pick the poster of your favourite movie and use it in your Wedding Invitation. This will give an awesome look to the E-Invite.

Wedding Invitation Theme from favorite Movie

Source: Metro Weddings

Wedding Invitation Theme from a favourite game

Are you and your fiance are full-time gamers? Finally here’s a great chance of getting featured in that game of your own Online Wedding Invitation.

Wedding Invitation Theme from a favorite game

Source: Creative Wedding Cards

Wedding Invitation Theme from a favorite game

Source: Hamara Event

Wedding Invitation Theme using Cartoons

Here’s a WhatsApp Wedding Invitation for those who want to go into the world of their Childhood Days. You can send Cartoon themed E-Invite as your Wedding Invitation.

Wedding Invitation Theme using Cartoons

Source: Appy Invites

Wedding Invitation Theme using Caricatures

There are very fewer people who are not in love with the Caricatures. Here is one WhatsApp Wedding Invitation idea in the form of Caricatures.

Wedding Invitation Theme using Caricatures

Wedding Invitation Theme using Vectors

It seems as if the Beauty lies in the Simplistic designs. Here is one Wedding Invitation Design which is classic, unique, simple and elegant.

Wedding Invitation Theme using Vectors


Wedding Invitation Theme from a Comic Cover

Do you love to read comics? Then using the comic versions in your WhatsApp Wedding Invitation is the ultimate step to use your passion on your D-Day.

Wedding Invitation Theme from a Comic Cover

Source: HalloweenCostumes.Com

Using the above Wedding Invitation Theme ideas, you can create your E-Invite with totally an extraordinary look. All you need is an organization with expert and trained designers. Wish N Wed is one platform that can help you overcome this difficulty.

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