WhatsApp Wedding Invitation Slip Ups to Avoid

WhatsApp Wedding Invitations are the coolest new trend to invite your guests to the wedding. While going paperless is a practical approach towards wedding invites, one must be careful of how and what you choose to send as a WhatsApp Wedding Invite.

WhatsApp invites can be a simple text invite, an elaborate wedding website, a cutesy picture invite or a video invite. When it comes to e-invites couples are spoilt for choice, there is one for everyone, depending on individual preferences and what they wish to create. In this mobile-savvy era, WhatsApp Wedding Invites are seen as a must-have for couples who are getting married. While you jump on the bandwagon we list here some major Slips Up to Avoid While Creating and sending out your WhatsApp Invite.

Cluttering the Invite

Those big long-essay messages are annoying and so if you plan to just send a plain text message make it short and crisp. If you have too much information that you would like to include in your wedding invitation it’s best to create a wedding invitation website. Wedding Invitation websites can include as much information as you like without making it look cluttered. All you need to do is create a wedding invitation with all the itsy-bitsy details and share the invitation link over WhatsApp.  You can also choose to make a pdf invite and then share the file over WhatsApp instead of typing the long story on the message itself.


Typing Errors

Proof-read, Proof-read, proof-read before hitting that send button on your WhatsApp read out every line of your invitation again. Blaming on your mobile phone spell check later is a big NO. Sometimes even the biggest typing errors go unnoticed only to be picked up by someone later. Give a close look to the invitation wording, spellings, location address etc to avoid those embarrassing moments.



WhatsApp is constantly adding new features to make it more user-friendly and it has added a forwarded tag to all the messages that are forwarded. Sending an invite with a forward tag on is way too casual and lacks that personal touch to it. It may give an impression as you are uninterested to invite and hence just treating it as a task to be completed. All in all, avoid forwarding your WhatsApp wedding invitation and instead choose to send it individually.


Not Addressing the Invitation

If you think addressing the invitation is only for paper invites then think again.  While WhatsApp Wedding Invitations are casual, your tone of sending them out need not be.  While sending them over WhatsApp be it video, image or a wedding website address the recipient. Write down a few lines ahead and then send the invitation along, this way the invites don’t sound too casual and the recipient of the invite feels a part of it.

Size of the WhatsApp Wedding Invitation

Having a video invitation sounds exciting but make sure you choose to keep the file size to not more than 16 MB. If your video is too long it will need to be split which isn’t a good idea to have an invitation sent out in different parts.  So while making a WhatsApp Video Invite keep it small, so that it’s easy to upload and also easy to download for your guests.


Follow –Up Your Invitations

WhatsAppWedding Invitations lets you get instant responses, as soon as someone views your invitation he/she is quick to send back a reply. While you may think your task here is done, but it’s not so making sure to take a follow up on the call later. To avoid this situation you can also plan your wedding invitations in advance. Send a Save the Date Card sent out 2 months prior to your guests. Save-the-Date cards help you announce the date and your buddies can make the preparations. Send out wedding invitations 4 weeks prior to the wedding and give a call again 2 weeks prior.

WhatsApp Wedding Invitation Slip Ups to Avoid


WhatsApp Wedding Invitations can be sent out as standalone or along with the traditionally printed invites. If you are planning to send out your wedding invitations via WhatsApp make sure to keep these pointers in mind to avoid these slip up later.

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