WhatsApp Wedding Invitations- Coolest Thing to Invite Your Guests at Indian Weddings

It’s 2019 those paisleys, floral, religious symbols, elephant motifs cards you are now viewing on your mobile screens. WhatsApp Wedding Invitations are a big rage at Indian Weddings and it is just getting bigger and better. Standalone or as an add-on to printed wedding invites they have made a place for themselves at Indian  Weddings and are now essential.

What’s the coolest thing about WhatsApp Invitations?

Can you recall, seeing two similar looking cards in that pile of wedding cards you received every year during the Shaadi season?

Well, it can never be the same with WhatsApp Wedding Invitations and that’s the USP. WhatsApp Wedding Invitations are customized for the couple and hence just like each couple is unique so is their wedding invite.

Here are some beautiful WhatsApp Wedding Invitations that are modern, innovative, creative and all so distinct from each other.


Traditional Indian WhatsApp Wedding Invitation 

Hear, traditional  Indian wedding invites, what comes in your mind are those red and golden cards. But  WhatsApp Wedding Invitations get creative even with the very tradition red and gold. Beauty lies in traditions and culture and these invitations are a tradition-modern mix. Acknowledging the traditions and embracing the modern is what this beautiful WhatsApp Wedding Invitation is about.

The Wedding invite in red and gold, showcasing the mandap and the sacred fire. The bride and groom names though written in English, but written as a resemblance to Hindi typescript.  The revolving mandals add an additional effect to the traditional Indian wedding invite. A simple yet modern wedding invite.

 Traditional Indian WhatsApp Wedding Invitation 

This design is a Traditional Indian Wedding Invitation showing the culture of Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh. The bride and groom in traditional wedding outfits.  India is a  land of different cultures and traditions vary from region to region. WhatsApp Wedding Invitations have grabbed the attention of couples who find it as an opportunity to showcase their traditional best with their invites.

 Traditional Indian WhatsApp Wedding Invitation 

Wedding Websites That Include everything to the T

Websites are an out-of-the-box idea and couples are ready to take the leap. Wedding Invitation Websites provide tons of space to include even the minutes of the wedding g details. Also if you can include sharing your location along with the google maps instead of drawing a map on the invite who wouldn’t want it. Unmatched creativity, Lots of space, gallery, maps, RSVP all in one website is a real deal. You can copy the link, with a cute caption and send it across your WhatsApp List and you are done.


Wedding  Invitation Videos That Leave everyone Surprised

Who says you cannot have video invites, wedding invitation videos are high on trend. They can be uploaded on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and can be sent over directly through WhatsApp.  You can make a prewedding video invitation or an animated video invite there is no lack of choice.


Quirky Details and Everything Fun 

Weddings are all about having a fun celebration of the union of two souls so why not the invite be fun. Caricatures, creative graphics, fun hashtags and sprinkle some humour and the perfect recipe of  Quirky Wedding Invite is on the table. While printed invitations can be quirky and sassy but  WhatsApp Wedding Invitations connect on another level due to motion graphics.

 Traditional Indian WhatsApp Wedding Invitation 

Recreating Your Favourite Characters and Games

So we all are guilty of binge-watching and playing our favourite movies, shows and games. When you can recreate magic for yourself why not jump into action and get the ball rolling.  Anything is possible to create from childhood Super Mario to PUBG.


The possibilities with e-invitations are endless, you just need to put your creative hat and jump on the WhatsApp Invitation bandwagon. These invitations are easy to create and even easier to send through WhatsApp, while for those who are not on WhatsApp you can always send out a few printed invites.


Did you know you can now create your very own WhatsAppWedding Invitation yourself without the help a designer? Create Your WhatsApp Wedding Invitation

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