7 Fun Ways to Personalise Your Wedding Invitation Cards

wedding invitation cards | marriage invitation

Your wedding invitations will set the tone for your wedding day in the minds of the recipients, so it’s essential to make them both unique and creative. Personalising your wedding invitation builds anticipation for your big day and adds the special touch your love story deserves.

On the other hand, tailoring each of your invitations to individual guests will make them feel more included in the ceremony and highlight the connection that you or your spouse-to-be has with them.

Without further ado, here are some unique ideas to make wedding invitations that stand out and fully reflect the special occasion, with 7 ways to personalise your cards.

wedding invitation cards | marriage invitation

7 Fun Ways to Personalise Your Wedding Invitation Cards

1. Create A Photo Collage

One of the most special ways to show guests your love story is through a visual photo collage. Thankfully, you can easily create a photo collage online with your fiancé by going through your time together so far and selecting a mix of photos that highlight different moments in your relationship.

If you’re sending digital invitations, you can also create a short video collage to attach to the invitation. This will give guests a glimpse into how your relationship has progressed from the very beginning, even if they didn’t know you then.

2. Incorporate Custom Illustrations

Commissioning an artist to create bespoke drawings for your invitations is a great way to get creative. You can incorporate illustrations of the venue or elements of the ceremony into the drawing, giving guests a glimpse of what’s to come. You could also ask the artist to paint the two of you!

Adding custom elements such as an illustration turns an invitation into a stunning piece of art that recipients will want to keep even after the wedding is over.

3. Personalised Stamps & Seals

Little touches in the way you package your invitations show a lot of thought has been put into them. Custom stamps and seals have been used for centuries to deliver letters and will be sure to give your wedding invitation a luxurious, classical feel.

When guests see that seal on their invitation, they’ll get a sense of anticipation that makes the experience of receiving and reading the invitation even more special. One option is to create a custom wax seal that incorporates the ceremony date or theme of the wedding.

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4. Handwritten Notes

While time-consuming, including handwritten notes within your wedding invitations adds a highly personal touch that almost nothing else can match.

A short message or anecdote about your relationship or how much the invited guest means to you is one idea for what to include in the notes. Make sure to be as specific as possible and include details that are unique to each recipient.

5. Interactive Elements

Adding interactive elements to your invitation will create an interesting experience for your guests before the wedding has even begun. A small riddle is a simple way to achieve this effect. Make these little games relevant to either your relationship or the wedding. You can even hide a clue about the wedding behind a small game. Obviously, you’ll want these to be easily solvable so your guests will still know where and when the wedding is taking place.

If you’re sending digital invitations, you can use a QR code that links to a custom website or an RSVP page. As with physical invitations, design your interactive elements to be fun and relevant to the event.

6. Unique Materials

To make your wedding invitation even more unique, stimulate the sense of touch using unusual paper, ribbons and other physical elements. There are many wedding suppliers whose primary job is to help you create stunning works of art…that double up as functional table nameplates, wedding favours and – you guessed it – even functional invites.

You also want these physical elements to have some sort of significance to your wedding. For example, if you’re planning a beach wedding, gluing a bit of sand to the invitations will set the tone perfectly.

wedding invite | wedding invitation | marriage invitation

7. Something For The Wedding Day

One of the goals of a wedding invitation is to build excitement for the wedding day. Give guests a little something they can bring with them to the wedding, which will double up as a memento from the day that they can keep for a long time.

You could sprinkle in some confetti, a dried flower or some other lightweight decoration to use on the wedding day along with the invitation. These are all ways of adding a unique touch to your wedding invitations and improving the atmosphere on the big day.
Personalising your invitations is a wonderful way to connect with your guests by sharing a piece of the wedding with them before the special day. Whether you’re looking for something sweet and simple or want to go the extra mile, the tips in this guide will get you started.

Designing wedding invitations is a great way to remember all the great people in your life, and a cute activity to do with your spouse-to-be. So, get creative and have fun with the love of your life when creating the invitations to your wedding.

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