Wedding Day Fun Poses for Swag Vali Bride

Wedding Day Fun Poses for Swag Vali Bride

While there is an army of photographers to capture your candid clicks. How about striking out some fun poses for the wedding? You will already have a number of candid, traditional poses and in-numerous shots of various rituals.  To let out your wedding day stress and bring on some fun here are some Wedding Day Fun Poses for Swag Vali   Bride.  Let’s get clicking???

Shout out with the Placard

Pick your favorite Swag Wala  Dialogue and have it printed on the placard and pull off a swag like this.

?Courtesy Allied
?Courtesy Slice of Life

 Mom +Dad = ME

You are sure to have candid moments clicked that are sweet and emotional with your parents.  They are the ones who are most stressed and emotionally weak at your wedding.Pose for pictures that are goofy and fun so that when they look at them it brings a big smile on their faces.

? Courtesy Studio Kelly Photography


Get Posing Before Getting Ready

No wonder how much you are excited to get ready. Wait it’s just the right time to get a bit relaxed and chilled out before the long process of getting ready begins. Bring on your girl gang along to strike quirky playful poses jump on the bed, pose in the bathtub, do the pooh ( Kareena Kapoor from Kabhi Khushi Gam )thing to be precise. Here are your cues.

? Courtesy Studio Kelly Photography
? Courtesy Infinite Memories


             Can’t Keep Calm  It’s My Wedding

  When it finally hits you that you are getting married in a couple of hours you can’t keep calm no matter what. And if you are too tired while getting ready, take a break and pose to get rid away of wedding day jitters.

? Courtesy Little Big Weddings
? Courtesy Sunny Pariani Photography


Checking Out The Updates

There is so much happening whilst you are getting ready.  How about checking on the updates,  and getting clicked in the meanwhile. The Baraat will supposedly be reaching late, so you have all the time to check on the missed updates, messages and calls.

? Courtesy Wedding Twinkles

 The  Chilled Bride Ever

Before you drape your dupatta grab your pair of comfy sneakers,  put on your leather jacket and  slay  it like you give a damn.

? Courtesy Infinite Memories
? Courtesy Infinite Memories

The cocktail of  Drama  and  Bridesmaids

When bridesmaids are by your side, the wedding day is smooth and fun. Pose throwing some drama with your bridesmaids.  Interesting photographs guaranteed.

Courtesy The Photo Diary
? Courtesy The Photo Diary




Take a chill pill brides and strike a pose. It’s a long day ahead and it’s utmost important to keep relaxed and chill.

? Courtesy Wedding Conteurs
? Courtesy Wedding Conteurs
Swag vali bride
? Courtesy Magik Moments

Getting  Out

Why not take a moment and pose before walking  down the aisle

 Courtesy Photoman
? Courtesy Photoman

                                       Wink  Wink Wink !!!!!

Wink is the new cool brides,  so go ahead and wink it up.

? Courtesy Jodi Clickers
? Courtesy Jodi Clickers
? Courtesy Aniket Kanitkar
? Courtesy Aniket Kanitkar


   Take away the Baraat

Changing ways is what swag vali brides do, so while signing off to begin a new journey do it in style.

? Courtesy Art Capture Productions
? Courtesy Art Capture Productions


Let the madness begin and try out some of these Wedding Day Fun Poses for Swag Vali Bride. Don’t forget to sing  along the  “SWAG WALI BRIDE” song.


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