Tips to help you Enjoy each moment on Your Wedding Day

You have spent timeless hours in planning, fawning, crafting, revealing and swooning over your wedding and the fact that you get to marry the person of your dreams. So it’s obvious that you want to actually enjoy it—– especially at the moment.  But guess what? The stresses and worries outweigh your enjoyment.

When your wedding day finally arrives, all your plans are going to be set in motion, and it’s time for you to sit back and enjoy every little moment of your D-day! Sadly, not everyone gets to do this for one reason or another….

At the end of the day the most essential part of the wedding is the celebration of your love and beginning of your life together. Brides need to recollect themselves when they begin to get diverted and pushed. If they don’t stay at present, their wedding day will go by in a flash without the bride herself actually experiencing or enjoying it.

But if you adhere to the following things, you will get to fully enjoy the entire experience of your wedding day:

Have a refreshing start

Get to your bed at a decent hour the night before so that you can be your best. Limit your activities on the wedding morning so that you can feel stress-free and begin with a happy morning.

Give yourself ample amount of time to get ready

Don’t panic if you get late for getting ready.  Instead, take sufficient amount of time to get yourself ready and feel comfortable. When you panic, the more difficult it gets to focus on things at hand.The tension and stress will become clearly visible on your face.

Wear a shirt when getting hairstyled

Most of the brides prefer wearing a T-shirt during the bridal makeup and hair. Some of the brides prefer wearing a choli and then putting a towel over it. Wearing a T-shirt is a big NO as it spoils and pulls off the coiffed hair once you remove it. Instead, you should wear a dress shirt or a bathrobe.

Grooms need to make a list of all the things to do in the morning of the D-Day

Bridesmaids are very helpful in making the bride remember everything. Groomsmen are less useful in such manner, however, they will probably bring beer. So a groom should make a list of things that he needs to do the next morning. Using your mobile phone reminder would be the best.

Break in your shoes before the big day

If you are used to wearing flats, your wedding heels can be a real pain – and it means that literally – making it tough to think about anything other than aching your feet.  Try walking in your wedding shoe several times weeks before the wedding, to make your feet comfortable.

In the event that you can’t afford to hire a wedding coordinator, let your bridesmaids handle a portion of the day-of coordination

Wedding planners are great co-coordinators and with them, you have nothing to worry about. But don’t worry if you don’t have them you have bridesmaids that are even the better.  They are literally falling over themselves to help. After all, what are friends for?

Switch off your Mobile Phone

Nothing is happening that is more vital than your wedding… OK? The most important people in your life are already part of your big day. So ditch the mobile phone in a safe corner.

Wear a beautiful smile

Greet everyone with a pretty smile on your face even if it’s your second cousin with whom you haven’t talked for years. Because no one likes an angry bride and you won’t like being one either. And definitely being photographed angry is not what you would want.

Have a moment with each of your parents

Your parents have been by your side throughout, like forever. This is not just a big day for you, but for them too. So, take a special moment with your parents to thank them in your own style.

Have a relaxed attitude about the wedding night

With so many rituals to keep up with, countless smiles, and greeting hundreds of guests the day is definitely the longest. So fretting over your wedding night isn’t going to help. Keep calm and enjoy your wedding.

Remember why you are there

Apart from all of the fun and celebration, be sure to have a look at the person you’re pledging your life to.

Hope you all enjoyed reading the above piece of content and will surely follow these tips to make your wedding day memorable.

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