5 Things Daddy’s Girl Must do For Her Father Before She Gets Married

For a daughter, her father is a superhero and the first man who loved her unconditionally.  The relationship between a father and daughter is extra special.  Father and daughters have their own little secrets, there are the moments when he is extra hard on you and moments when he will spoil you with his love.  When it comes to marriage while you are busy shopping, getting your parlor visits, running around to find that matching jewelry, he is ensuring that the big day for his always little girl should be more than perfect. Just like you, he may be dreaming the marriage of his dearest daughter since along, but when the D –day approaches he is the one who feels deeply with each passing day the pain of separation. He may not tell what’s going on but he feels it deep inside. Here are 5 Things Every Daddy’s Girl Must do For Her Father before She Gets Married so that he knows you will always love him no matter what.


Spend More Time With Him

It seems too cliche when somebody advises spending time with your family. But it’s true, cent percent true. Wedding planning and preparation take a toll on everyday life with every day being busy running lane to lane, shop to shop to find everything you need, parlor appointments and also work to manage alongside. By the end of the day, you end up sleeping like a log.  The time that is in between is spent on those sweet mushy phone calls with your fiancé. Unknowingly, the most important man in your life is ignored.  So in between your busy days make sure to spend time with him. In the words of – Euripides Rightly Quotes.”  To a father growing old, nothing is dearer than a daughter. For a fact, while you are beginning your new family he is sending off his part of the family. These days will forever be cherished by you and your father always takes off the time for him and sit down to have long conversations no matter how lame they are.

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Plan a Road Trip

It becomes quite stressful for everyone while planning a wedding. You should plan a  wonderful road trip with your Daddy to place that is his favorite or he always wished to go. This little getaway amidst stressful wedding planning will make you release wedding stress and will be a nice family time. The thought of having your fiancée along on the trip sounds romantic, but should be skipped as after the wedding he will always be there so before the wedding cozy family outing is a must for those hearts –to heart talks.

 5 Things Daddy’s Girl Must do For Her Father Before She Gets Married

Cook a good meal  for him once a week

Make it customary to have your dinner with him each day and cook for him at least once a week.   Isn’t it a nice way to upgrade your cooking skills as well keep your father happy. Also, you can take him out for dinner to your favorite place.

 5 Things Daddy’s Girl Must do For Her Father Before She Gets Married

Get him involved in your wedding shopping

It’s quite obvious that mom’s take over the charge of shopping and jewelry department and fathers the catering and other stuff but who said fathers can’t get involved in shopping department too. Ask him his opinions and make him part of your decision-making process too. While he will always be ready to get you the things that you want but having his opinion too over such matters will make him feel important and not just his card swipe.

Turn into his stylist

Going topsy-turvy over matching bride and groom outfit is a common sight. The perfect match made is what you call it. Take some time and also help your father figure out his outfit. Design it around the same color theme if not for the wedding day, you can do for pre-wedding celebrations.  Help him in selecting his outfits for your big celebrations and you can always gift him something special such as customized cufflinks, customized tie or stoles etc to go with his outfit.

A father’s tears and fears are unseen, his love is unexpressed, but his care and protection remain as a pillar of strength throughout our lives. – Ama H. Vanniarachchy.

So make sure to back him, even if he doesn’t say it loud. 


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