How to plan an incredible wedding within budget?

How to plan an incredible wedding within budget?

Weddings are  dreamy , and they must  look dreamlike when solemnized. But, planning your dream wedding can  burn a big hole in your pockets. Our parents spent major part of our lives earning and saving up  for the big day, but spending  it without  planning  isn’t a good idea. Indeed, there are several ways you can plan an incredible wedding within a budget, at the same time keeping your guests happy  and utilizing those extra bucks for  your honeymoon or for  other paraphernalia.

So here are some ways you can plan your wedding within your budget.

Envision Your Wedding

The first and foremost thing is to envision your wedding. Sit together with your family and plan what kind of wedding are you looking forward to? Some may want an outdoor wedding, house wedding, destination wedding etc .

Fix a budget and Stick  to It

The second, but most important for planning a wedding is to set the budget and stick to it. Just setting the budget won’t help, you need to stick to it any costs. Many times, people go overboard with their wedding budget, which leads to increase in the overall expenses on the wedding. In weddings , your expenses are bound to increase with  money flowing out here and there on petty items. So fix a budget in advance.


Prioritizing is the Key

Make a list of everything, prepare a diary or spreadsheet and write down all the wedding details from functions to guests, venue photographers  and everything that you need.  Once you are done  listing prioritize on the basis of  what’s more important . For some decor may be important  for others maybe  guests are more important.



Before splurging into anything research and be open to number of options. If your cousin got married at xyz hotel , doesn’t mean you follow the clue. Put Your family , friends and offcourse yourself on research look out for alternatives, suggestions  and options.

Prepare the guest List

Prepare the guest list in advance so that you can make the arrangements accordingly, if possible cut down your guest numbers . Once you have a guest list ready , you can plan for the  staying  arrangements , travel arrangements if any, invitations etc.

Hand-Pick the Venue

You have  envisioned your wedding , so be very careful in picking the venue. Sometimes looking at ambience, you may want to select the venue, but keep in mind the wedding you envisioned.  Also never book at once , look out for other choices and options too. If looking for an outdoor wedding  , you can also  hire a farmhouse instead of a 5-Star resort . This will let  you save a lot the  venue cost . If you are planning on a night wedding look out for indoor venues with good lighting as keeping weddings outdoor will cost you a lot on lightings.  If you have enough space  or garden area at home you can keep some functions at your own place too saving the cost of venue. Such as keeping  Mehndi and Sangeet  Ceremony  at home and wedding ceremony at the venue.


Narrow down the functions

Generally an Indian wedding consists of   functions such as Mehndi , Sangeet,  Engagement Haldi , Wedding , Reception , Bangle Ceremony  and so on depending on customs to customs. Though it is difficult to cut down on functions , but it is quite possible to place multiple functions on same day as  this will reduce the cost considerably . E. G You can have  Engagement and Sangeet Ceremony  on the same day , and if a night wedding then Haldi and  Wedding ceremony the same day.


Often seen at weddings, people are most interested  in the  food. So   one need not cut corners here but plan wisely. It doesn’t mean to have a larger than life buffet spread across the entire venue. Choose minimum Buffet spread, but with some good delicacies which are not very regular at weddings and people will relish and savour too. Do not indulge in having  all cuisines at one place  and on one day,  keep different menu for different days but with minimal spread .  This will keep wastage at bay and also save on costs.

Book in Advance

Last minute bookings can cause you an increased expenditure, so book everything well in advance to avoid last minute price surge and hassles.

Shop at Sales

There are generally off-season sales every season, try  shopping in sales . The wedding trousseau can costs thousands to lacs in regular seasons. So keep an eye on sales and research on options an d then shop. Buy only what you will be using   and do not splurge on anything that you like, think practically.  Bride-to-Be are often seen buying everything and anything  beautiful that  catches their eye.  From buying expensive  heavy sarees, jewelry and suits . Which later lie in their closets for years without use . So be very smart while you shop.  Overbuying clothes may lead them to lie in  closets later as fashion  changes swiftly. Those heavy expensive jewelery will only be worn during marriages , instead buy something that  you can wear  on everyday basis .


Cut cost on Invitations

Adorned  big invitation boxes land up in the dustbins , so think something more creative that has a lasting memory . Opt for wedding invitation websites or videos , this will give a more personal touch as well as save your paper and courier costs  with a great margin. As a website invitation will cost you anywhere around 1 K to 5000k for unlimited guests  and those  invitation cards may cost you from Rs 100 to 500K per guest.  This way you will save thousands  of  bucks.


Renowned and established  DJ’s and announcers can be  costly , lookout for some new talent and freelancers  as they are yet to make their mark and can be  very creative , you can also try out the traditional dhol  for functions such as mehndi  and haldi. Add some spice and  make it interesting  by having   friends  compare  for your wedding and also  perform on certain dance numbers  . This will keep the guests entertained and also add more emotional touch to the wedding festivities.

Photographers and Cinematographers

This is one segment where you should not consider cutting down as these will be the only  memories that you will have lifetime with you. These memories will make you relive your big day all over gain. There are photographers available   on various budgets. Check out for the best photographers and compare the prices, see some samples and choose the best that   is in your budget. Try and negotiate on prices as they are little flexible on the same. One important thing to keep in mind is to have an open communication with the photographer. It is very important to communicate with them as  you need to be comfortable in posing and  also he should be aware of your expectations.


Be Smart and Practical


The last thing in planning a budget wedding is to  think smart and be practical. Think practically and not be carried away with exorbitant items and venues. The one thing that is most important in the weddings are the ones you love , be considerate and smart  enough  in your choices , so that your family doesn’t shell out all that they have to make you happy.

Do not worry over small things that go wrong, as  nothing is perfect and despite all the efforts  something here and there does go wrong . Instead enjoy the moment and turn it into a beautiful memory and a tale to smile later.


Enjoy your wedding planning and walk out in style with a big smile.






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