Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner

Just Engaged? Congratulations. While dreaming of the perfect honeymoon destination, do you hear the alarm bells ringing? Well, yes the countdown has begun it’s time for planning. Unless, you are a wedding planner yourself, planning a marriage is not a piece of cake (It is not for them either). You have to think, rethink and again rethink for about million times in fact, I would say countless times till the wedding date. How about hiring a wedding planner, while you enjoy your “Just Engaged” status leaving planning worries at a bay. The only task that you need to plan will be Hiring a wedding planner.  We have listed down some Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner to help you decide whether to hire or not hire a wedding planner.

Experience is their wisdom

Nobody specializes in planning a wedding as wedding planners. They have invested their most of the time in planning the weddings. Nevertheless, we all say with experience comes wisdom. When we fall sick, we often prefer visiting a specialist as he knows the cause, effect and cure of our sickness. Why not hire a wedding planner who is a wedding  planning specialist having hands-on-experience in planning, organizing and creating beautiful events.  They know  a- to- z of weddings.

Wealth of options 

Hiring just a wedding planner, you are bestowed upon immense wealth of options. You are not just hiring a planner you are hiring an event manager, a decorator, a trouble-shooter, an advisor, a caterer, a consultant and of course a big support for you. Wedding planner will work 24*7 effortlessly making all possible arrangements. Also, they provide you so many options to choose from, they will create a wedding of your dreams.

Not anymore luxury of riches

Wedding planners were considered as a luxury of riches, but not anymore. It’s easier to hire a wedding planner   that fits into your budget. Who knows you plan a wedding that is more extravagant, that you thought would never be possible in your budget. You can sit down with them, discuss what you are looking for and fix a budget and they will make it possible.

Saves Money

You may be puzzled at how can wedding planners save your money. The answer is very simple contacts. Wedding planners have contacts with local vendors apart from mehndi artists, Dj’s,caterers, photographers, makeupartists. As they work on many wedding, so they are a regular customer at these vendors and they are business allies. Not just they give discounts but also quality will be good at low price. If you have to decide by yourself, you will either prefer word of mouth  or will be tiring yourself visiting shop to shop  bargaining  and negotiating  the prices . Not just spending your money but, time too which you could utilize with your soon-to-be-significant other.

The Just Engaged Phase

What’s more valuable than a lovely gift is, time. The time period between “Just engaged” to “Just Married” is the most beautiful time for any couple. Going on a movie date or a long drive, or just talking over the phone all day long. These are the moments that you will cherish forever with every millisecond spent with the loved one is worth a million dollars. This is the time when you grow closer to each other, knowing each other better, moving one step further with each moment. Wedding planners buy you that time, which otherwise you would not afford in middle of wedding planning.

No chasing people around

One thing that’s common in all the self planned weddings is the family members are seen running around chasing someone and in the meanwhile missing an important event. General, scenario in households before a wedding is task division. The tasks are divided from relatives to friends to neighbours. Weddings are best get-together opportunities that people have and they wish to make most out of it. So, if in between the wedding if someone amongst them, gets drunk or is busy dancing around with friends, or just gets out of sight for a few minutes the trouble begins and chasing starts. This task assignment leads to so much confusion and stress that, some people miss out the most delicious delicacies that they had requested to put up on menu. At this very important occasion couple wishes to have their families by their side especially the bride who will be leaving behind her family and friends. But, they are there making the last minute arrangements, so wanting to be there with them. Just hire a wedding planner instead and give your family and friends the best time to enjoy at the wedding and witness the event in real time scenario, instead of wedding videos.  Wedding planners have an entire team, who are responsible for their tasks and don’t forget they have experience and making a mistake will make them loose business.

No last minute adrenaline rush

Wedding preparations are something that goes on till the last minute. You can save yourself that last minute adrenaline rush  by hiring a wedding planner. They starts working the moment you hire them. The  entire plan will be carved out, discussed and finalized well in advance to avoid last minute rush. All bookings will be taken care from venues to decorations, foods to drinks, dhols to doli’s all will be done and you will not be stressing about it. On the day of wedding it all will be ready well in advance. And in any case, something goes wrong the last minute, it will be fixed there and then.

Fairy-Tale weddings

Wedding planners create magical weddings that are sure to leave your guests spell bound. The stage will be set no less than a masterpiece, with perfect lighting, beautiful decorations. The food stall with utmost creativity and the entire venue not looking less than a  beautiful palace, even if it’s a average a hall.


With so many benefits of Hiring a wedding planner there will always be one disadvantage which we believe is a boon and i.e. you get to do only one thing  “Hiring a Wedding Planner”.



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