Stunning Wedding Décor Ideas that will make you swoon

Wedding Decorations live firmly in this world of logistical reality, no matter how beautiful they are. But, before setting up the beautiful wedding decor there are few questions that arise. What can you afford? What can you transport? What will all things be the real power of beauty at your place?

It’s quite easy to say, “I wanna get married in the most creative and different way”, but it’s easier said than done putting those thoughts into reality is not a cake-walk. It’s hell crazy to decide on everything from the floral decoration, to stage decoration, from mehndi setup to unique mandap ideas and henceforth putting that every little thing into perfection.

Thanks to the new era of digital technology, Internet search engines give us the complete guide to plan our dreamy fairy-tale wedding.  From a hill of research over the past few months, we’ve put together a list of the best decor and decoration ideas for your wedding.

Gone are the days, where the weddings were considered to be just a ceremony. Nowadays people are looking for somewhat an “X” factor in their weddings. Among all the priorities, destination and themed weddings are on the top of the charts. Just because today, people want to make their auspicious day of life as special and humanly possible.


Royal Rajasthani Theme Style Wedding

Most of the couples from all over the globe look towards the “Desert State of India” whenever the idea of “royal wedding affair” comes into their mind! In case the venue is of royal palaces, then the décor is already taken care of. To add to the royal ‘air’, decorating the palace with lots of lights and flowers would do a great job.



Urban Theme Style Wedding

There can be no doubts of if’s and but’s when your heart is still beating, and your wedding imagination ideas run wild with the formation of creativity regarding bohemian style.

  • Rather than the standard tulips and calla lilies or some other colourful flowers, you can go some desi style. You can decide on yellow and orange gendas, sunflowers, yellow roses and chrysanthemums for the decoration of venue or mandaps.
  • The mandap decoration can be made with pink, green, red and purple drapes with blooms as edges and chunks of blossoms as bunches to hold the window hangings.
  • You can likewise wrap climbing roses on the mandap rod to give a tasteful yet chic look.


Filmy Theme Style Wedding

You can plan an outstanding outdoor wedding decoration in the style of your favourite film.

  • You can utilize vivid parasols in Rajasthani design with a considerable measure of dot work, mirror work and brilliant string work.
  • The entry card including the whole schedule of events could be given away as brilliant pamphlets as ‘Gaon Ki Gori getting hitched to Sheher ka Chora’.
  • You can likewise hand over the marriage plan as daily papers like that appeared in Harry Potter films.
  • The wedding layout may include flowery arrangement, material strips and beads around mandap. These give a characteristic look to the whole scene.
  • You can likewise stack up colourful pillows in the sitting to give a lively vibe.


South Indian Themed Wedding Style

It would be a crime to say that all south Indian weddings are exactly the same. But, we can agree to the fact that there are some similar attributes that make them all similar to a certain level. Well, the beauty, of course, lies in its uniqueness.

  • You could ensure the conventional banana tree has a bunch of serial lights and lamps settled to it to influence it to look cuter.
  • Explore different ideas regarding the diyas can be additionally contemplated. We can make the utilization of electric ones as they aren’t much confounding, and they don’t shimmer with flame and make harm whatever remains of the setting, and on the off chance that you got the perfect diyas (which your wedding genie will mystically bring), there’s nothing more lovable and staggering than this.

After all, there can be no other fun like giving a creative touch to your life’s important event. Right?


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