5 Awesome Tips On Creating Video Invitation For Your Wedding

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A wedding invitation is the first stage in your wedding preparation and not only reflects your wedding style but also gives a preliminary indication of how your wedding festivities will look and provides information like the wedding destination, venue details, timings, wedding photoshoot and a lot more. Trending wedding invitation video covers all aspects and even you can share your love story through the custom video invites.

It is quite acceptable if you intend to keep your marriage aspects, including your wedding invites, uncompromising. Therefore, choosing the right invitation maker might be the first step before you get into further creative intricacies.

Another thing to keep in mind is not to make your invitation video very long. In fact, according to a study published by HubSpot, 56% of all the promotional videos published on the web are 2 minutes or less. Sending a very long Invitation video might compel some viewers to skip a few parts which may lead to wasted efforts on your part.

If you want to create a wedding invitation out of the box, you are at the correct spot. All the essential information regarding a wedding invitation has been collated into this post. Take into account these suggestions when creating your wedding invitation video.

Will it be a themed wedding, or is your wedding ceremony an overarching traditional Indian affair? If you want your guests to feel part of your new adventure, let your wedding invites reflect this too!

Simple isn’t always dull, and these invitation creation ideas for wedding invitations show that. Check these ideas for wedding invitations and see what you may utilize to create your own invitation for marriage!

5 Ground-breaking Tips to Create Wedding Invitation Video

1. Include Candid Pictures of the Couple in the Invitation

Sit with your spouse before creating a wedding invitation video, and choose candid images/video clips that show your real personalities and connect with you as a pair. It helps you set the tone for your marriages.

Everyone would be surprised to see your fairy tale unfold before their eyes and certainly, this is a good method to convey your narrative in your words. Insert some personal times as a couple when designing your invitation to give the invite video a personal touch.

You may opt to talk behind the rolling clip, capture your speakers’ pictures and put them in the middle, or just pick quotes and music that represent your emotions and show your love.

Invitation Source: Wish N Wed Invites

2. Include all the Essential Details

Do not forget to provide the essential wedding information on the invitation video of the wedding. Important data such as date, time, and location must be provided. You don’t want any visitors to visit an incorrect venue on your wedding day!

When your love story is untwined, passing the information on in the correct manner is an essential aspect that makes your wedding invitation video successful.

You may opt to adhere to conventional ways to present your wedding information or pick a more exciting and entertaining way. Regardless of your choice, just adhere to your own aesthetics and design your video invitation using a wedding video invitation platform.

If you intend to have a wedding, it will be good to tell your guests to begin their trip reservations. You might remark, “Time for booking your tickets and packing your luggage” at the conclusion of the video.

Source: Wish N Wed

3. Pick the Right Font & Colors

You can ask the wedding invitation designer to choose the appropriate font and colour. The ideal way to create the wedding invitation video is to utilize a formal typeface and a vivid colour.

Although if the subject of the film requires it, you may utilize amusing typefaces to personalize the video. But you should always select the colours and fonts for all your guests and don’t want any misunderstandings when it is the biggest day of your life.

Avoid utilizing comic typefaces or bright colours: guests are invited to a wedding, not a birthday party with a kid. Your wedding invitation video should be as sophisticated and equally stunning.

4. Ideate a Unique Ending

You can choose to finish your invite video with a funny picture or video clip, which visitors will remember and laugh at. For instance, early-bird visitors get a surprise present.

As it’s usually ideal to finish things on a positive note, you may pick any topic, from humour to inspiration, to make sure it works like a charm in evoking your visitor’s presence.

Or you may just conclude by saying that you want your guests to come and emphasize their presence in your life. Not all wedding invite videos need to be romantic; you may utilize humour and lighten the video.

5. Take Feedback from Family Members

Before you send the wedding invitations to your friends and family, we recommend you first email them to your close relatives to get some feedback. Are spellings OK? Is it easy to view the invite on any phone? Is the video format compatible with both Android and iOS?

It’s essential to make sure that the invites you provide are without any mistakes or formatting problems so that every wedding guest can open the file and see your wedding invitation video without disruption.

Use an online wedding invitation video creator and explore your layouts. You do not have to worry about technological failures in such a scenario since they offer you a good final result.


You’re now ready to send them out! Therefore, make sure you take time and check everything multiple times! Let your friends or family members look at them. If you have a knowledgeable grammar buddy, it’s even better.

You’ve put a lot of thinking into it; it’s a pity to overlook anything. You will be shocked by the often-ignored mistakes like typos, incorrect dates, times, or even the location of the place. Once everything is cross-checked, you have a perfect invite video ready for your wedding guests!

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