10 reasons why online wedding invitations make more sense

E-invitations make more and more sense in our modern lifestyles.  Online Wedding Invitations surely have grabbed the attention and with so many elegant, beautiful designs & creative ideas to discover.  Every WhatsApp invitation you receive nowadays is different from the previous one. Couples embraced digital invitations like a pro and are no longer skeptical to switch the band.

10 reasons why online wedding invitations make more sense

 10 Reasons to switch to online wedding invitations

Do we already hear the buzz? Yeah, well that’s what we thought. So here we go.

Customization: Customize; share your story, your pictures, and all that you ever wanted in a wedding invitation.

Get all the space you need: Love the Acres of space that online wedding invitations provide. Pen down your story, your favourite moments, your best pictures, and whatnot. When was the last time you were able to put down Selfies and Gang-photos on a wedding invitation?

Location Sharing: Share your wedding destination links and directions over the internet. It becomes easier for people to follow the map through GPS systems. Trust us, they will be thanking you for it. Most importantly they will be there in time to witness the most precious moments of your life

Time-Saving: Saves you a whole lot of time for the other preparations and we all know how much we value time and that too in the hustle of all the preparations going around.

Money-Saving: A fancy card will not cost a fortune but then again with each extra card the bill keeps increasing. Say no to that. One online invitation serves all and reaches the farthest corners of the world. We do love UK and Canada, don’t we? Oh and with the extra cash that you just saved, you can always buy a present for the occasion of your first dinner date with the new life partner on the honeymoon. Did we just give you a fantastic idea? Yes, we did!

Instant Replies: Get an instant reply to your invitations on social networks. For some less fortunate who won’t be able to make it to the event, it’s better to know that they are stuck. For some of those who are eagerly waiting to be there, the excitement can be seen sooner.

Share as much as you want: You can send it to as many as you want, or maybe send it twice to that forgetful chap. Your postal or courier office is right there on your mobile, laptop, or tablet and social accounts serve as your postman or courier boy. “Cool”, we thought you’d say that.

Online Wedding Invitations share & invite

Space on the web: Create your own space on the web. It is your own space and you change it, update it and save it for the years to come, it’s all up to you. The power you have, you gotta love it.

Musical Invitation:  We love music, our tastes might vary but in the end, it soothes our senses and ignites the spark at other times. A mixed bag of all these feelings and all those moments needs a perfect background music. Go a step ahead and add music to the invitations. Yes, that is super cool, just like Govinda in the ’90s, or well, maybe not, but you get the point, right?

Social Responsibility: Save paper, Go Green. If you haven’t been doing much for nature lately, well don’t miss this golden opportunity. Nature will bless your wedding and your married life. We can’t put a price tag on this.

Online Wedding Invitations or E-Invites in India

So you must be convinced that Online Wedding  Invitations won this knockout round, rightly so, but paper invitations aren’t that bad.

Good old wedding invitation cards

For those who are going to go with the printed invitation cards, how about we cheer you up with some advantages which might be hard to overlook for some.

 You will get the feel of the paper.
Some people will find it more respectable to receive a paper invitation than online wedding invitations.
Some people still do not have access to internet services. But please mind, that we can always have a few paper invites rather than hundreds of them.

All in all, we feel the need, rather than the trend, to move to the digital revolution. When we made a shift from online shopping we were in a lot of doubts and speculations. But haven’t they made our life a lot simpler? So why not explore online wedding invitations too? Trust us that is a lot more fun than going shop to shop to find that one perfect looking invitation which we do find but most of the times with lots of compromises. The perfect-looking invitation is right there on the computer or mobile screens. The invitation that’s all about you and your life partner just the way you wanted. It’s the perfect start towards the new beginning of life and it starts with you.


So this wedding season time to go paperless. Explore the magic on the screens with online wedding invitations.

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