A to Z Guide to WhatsApp Wedding Invitations

WhatsApp Wedding Invites, Digital Wedding Invites, or e-invites they’ve been a part of wedding invitations for quite a few years now.  However, during the pandemic e-invites have become a rage their popularity has increased multifold, thanks to their convenience and versatility. COVID has changed the way we celebrate weddings and wedding invitations are no longer relied on and are restricted to paper invitations and boxes. Thinking of WhatsApp Wedding Invitations and don’t know where or how to get started? This Know-It-All Guide to WhatsApp Wedding Invite or e-invite or digital invite will help you plan and opt for an invite that best suits your occasion.


WhatsApp Wedding Invite or e-invite or digital invite all these terms may sound confusing and different but they all are the same when it comes to functionality.

An invitation that can be sent online through mediums such as e-mail, WhatsApp, Telegram, messengers, etc. is generally termed e-invites and digital invitation. WhatsApp wedding invitations are a more generic term used for e-invites as they are popularly shared through WhatsApp.

Different Types of Digital Invitations

Digital Invitations though may be called by different names and function as same but they do differ in terms of the format. Here are the options that you have and can choose from depending on your interests and budget.

Image Format

Image Based Digital invitations are basically JPEG and PNG files you can say picture-based invites.  Get creative as much as you like, it’s like a canvas and you can bring your vision to reality. You can create traditional Indian wedding invites representing different cultures, how we met journeys to simple text-based invitations. The e-invites can be sent out through WhatsApp, E-mail, and even shared on social media.

WhatsApp Wedding Invitations

PDF Invites

Pdf invites in a way are similar to Image-based invitations. The difference only being that they can consist of multiple pages, with events sprawling around different pages. PDF invites are best suited for invitations that contain a lot of information and have various events spread across different days. The biggest advantage PDF invites have over Image Based Invites or for that matter, video invitations are that they can incorporate clickable links. With clickable links on the invitation itself, you can include directions on a map to the venue, and your link to live streaming on YouTube.

Video-Based Invitations

Video-based Invitations are the most popular and loved the format of WhatsApp Wedding Invitations.  Video Invitations are interactive owing to animations and music feature that engages the guests. Couples are now taking to WhatsApp video invitations to showcase their love story through invitations.  It’s best to keep the videos short and sweet and not clutter them with too much of information. Video invitations can be made in 2D  and 3D formats. The timeline for creating them varies from 3 days to 6 months. WhatsApp allows only 16 MB of video/pictures to be sent across its platform which is approximately 2 minutes of video. In general video invitations ranging between 45 seconds to 70 seconds on average are the best. For videos higher than 16 MB or longer videos you can send the invitation as a document on WhatsApp.

GIF Invitations

GIFs are cute and we all use them mercilessly when it comes to chatting, they are a form of sharing our emotions in a fun way. How about creating a fun GIF invite? GIF invites are short and cute 10 to 15-second invitations. The information here is crisp and to the point, best suited for a wedding announcement, Save the Date or Wedding Countdown where the information is not too much. GIFs include animations, however, music isn’t supported by GIF formats.

Wedding Websites

Wedding Invitation websites are widely used and though they may not be as popular as video or image-based invitations they have a fair share for themselves when it comes to invitations. This Invitation websites are kind of have it all,  you can add as much information as you want without it looking like an overdose of information. Website-based invitations may sound complicated and a herculean task to complete but there are many websites, like Wish N Wed which have pre-designed wedding website templates and all you need to do is add your information, and Voila your personal wedding invitation website is ready in minutes without you having to leave the comfort of your home.  With wedding websites, you can add your pictures, and locations, and for sending them out to your guests all you need to do is share your exclusive wedding website link.

Free Wedding Invitation Website in India

What Format will be best for you?

Now that you know, that you can choose from multiple options available you can decide the type of format depending on your budget, the amount of information you want to share, and your preference. When it comes to creativity all formats have no restrictions you can have your illustrations, doodles, and caricatures in all these formats.

How much does a Digital Invitation Cost?

Well,  when it comes to cost it definitely comes with a plethora of options you can create one for absolutely free online and then there are some that go up to Lakhs depending on the format, design, detailing, and information that you want to send out. There definitely isn’t a size fits. Depending on your budget, select the format and designer you think will be the best for your requirement.

How much time does it require to create a Digital Invite?

The time duration required to create an e-invite can range from a few hours to 6 months. If you want to create on your own pick a template and edit it online and it will be done in a few minutes to hours. If you choose to pick a design service then depending on the availability and the timeline. An ideal time frame for booking the wedding invitation designer should be a minimum of 1 month in advance from the date you send out invites, this is to avoid a last-minute panic booking.

Where can I create a Wedding Invitation Online?

You can create a Save the Date Wedding Invitation and wedding invitation website right here on Wish N Wed absolutely FREE on your own. However, for wedding video invitations, GIF invitations, custom couple wedding illustrations, wedding Instagram filters, etc. You can book our personalized services.

Create free wedding invitation online

Here are also a list of a few other apps and websites where you can create a free wedding invitation

  1. 1. Minted
  2. 2. Wix
  3. 3. Magisto.com
  4. 4. Animoto.com 
  5. 5. CANVA 

Things to take care of before creating a WhatsApp Wedding Invitation

  1. 1. Have clear ideas or vision of what you are looking for. This is essential as it will save time and cost too. The Internet is flooded with templates and samples. This could create unnecessary confusion, so have your ideas written in one place and see what is best for you.
  2. 2. Have everything in place, from content, and venue to timings in advance to avoid changes.
  3. 3. Before selecting a design service, go through the policies and procedures.
  4. 4. Book in advance
  5. 5. Pay attention to the details.

Things to pay attention to while creating and sending out Digital Invitations.

  1. 1. Stick to your theme, there’s nothing better than a well-coordinated wedding from invites to décor.
  2. 2. While sending out invites do not FORWARD, send out invites individually in that case also do not send invites in groups, personal messaging is best to give a personal touch.
  3. 3. Pay attention to the time duration, and font selection as the invitation should be readable and not too fast or slow.
  5. Pandemic or no pandemic digital wedding invitations are the way forward. Times have changed, and technological advancements. Internet access has made it possible to switch to more greener and eco-friendly alternatives.

digital wedding invitations Online

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