What, Why and How of Digital Wedding Invitations?

With the changing trends, most of the couples are opting for better ways to make their wedding day a unique event. They try every possible effort to simplify their wedding planning and it’s not at all surprising that more and more couples are diverting towards online Wedding Invitations. In fact, as per the latest survey, the number of couples opting for Digital Wedding Invitations has increased to manifolds.

Digital Wedding Invitations

In this age of social savvy people, the way wedding invitations are sent has also changed. They are no longer a mixture of colourful stationery that only depicts the event information. In fact, they have evolved to be more graphical and structured conveying all the details of the wedding, best suited to the internet age.

Why should you switch to digital Invites?

There are a number of reasons why Online Wedding Invitations are attracting the attention of modern-day couples.

Online Wedding Invitations

Customization: Usually, correction of mistakes and making amendments is the most stress-inducing parts of Wedding Invitations. But, in digital invites, one can customize as per their choice like adding maps, venue details etc.

Easier for your guests to arrive: Everything is Online, these days! So, it’s easier for the guests to arrive at the venue without any hustle and bustle on the roads, as the E-invite will always be accompanying them.

No chances of Missed/Delayed Delivery: Stress surrounds when the invitation will be delivered? And it’s almost difficult to concentrate on other stuff. Hence, Online Wedding Invitations come to play at this instant, where the invitation is delivered in a fraction of seconds’ courtesy power of the internet.

Better utilization of monetary resources: Not only you have an option to customize and add a number of details as you like but you also get a wedding invitation at a fraction of cost of the paper invitation.

Save Environment: Traditional Wedding Invitations require a lot of paper and which is the main reason for harming the environment. It’s a great idea to spread awareness and reduce the carbon footprint on the earth. A wedding is not just an event but an opportunity to convey this beautiful message.

How to create a digital wedding invitation?

Making a Digital Wedding Invitation is not a herculean task. Here are steps that will  help you to create a stunning online wedding invitation with  very less effort:

Step 1: Think of a theme/design for your wedding

The first and foremost step, envision a theme/design for your wedding invitation.  If you have the theme for your wedding you can use the same theme for the invitation too. Once you know the kind of design you are looking forward to, it becomes easier for you to select the invitation design.

Step 2: Gather all your details

The key point of an online marriage invitation is that you should gather all the details that you want to incorporate. These need to be the date of the wedding, any specification of the dress code, or any other information you want your guests to know.

Step 3: Select a design

After you have everything in your mind, then comes the most confusing and complicated task of selecting an invitation design. Wish N Wed offers a number of astounding options to choose from. You can customize any of the selected designs and make them distinctive as per your choice.

Wedding Invitation Themes

Here are a few portfolios:

E-invite of Gurpunit and Navneet is a modern and artistic theme depicting the Indian culture. The bright coloured background of this theme will surely attract your guests and make it unforgettable for them.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to include the pictures and just want the characters with a classy and simple look, then the E-invite of Andrew and Angel is the best choice. Light design with airy characters is perfect for displaying your happiness.

Here are a few things that you need to take care of and must include in the digital wedding invitation:

Bride & Groom Details: Just adding the names and the social links is not enough. It’s always the best effort if you include the images of your pre-wedding shoot. Also, it’s a sweet gesture if you mention a few lines about your partner-to-be in the Wedding Invitation.

E-Invite of Raman and Neha

Google Maps Integration: It is a cumbersome task to find the venue if someone is a first time visitor. Adding  Google Maps with the venue details on Online Wedding Invitation will surely make a hassle-free task for the guests.

Suman and Manoj

Adding a Gallery: In this section, you can showcase how beautiful and cute your couple looks by uploading beautiful and stunning pictures. The visitors to your E-invite will surely enjoy looking at such gallery.

Gallery of Gurpunit and Navneet

Device Compatability: Once your invitation is ready, do check for compatibility of your invitation with different devices such as laptops and mobile phones. Do check how different sections appear on mobile devices, not everyone will view your invitation on the computer/laptop.

How to send a digital wedding invitation?

The answer is extremely simple — Sending a Digital Wedding invitation is not Rocket Science. With just a fraction of seconds, and with just a single click, you can send online wedding invitations to your guests and beloved ones. You can send them over using WhatsApp, Facebook and email.

Send E-Invite via WhatsApp, Email & Facebook

What should you include in a Digital Wedding Invite?

Your E-invite is the first peek of your wedding day, so it needs to shine like a diamond and with correct information. So, in order to avoid the mistakes here are a few things you need to take care of when your Online Wedding Invitation is ready:

Event Details & Date: You should enter the correct event details and the date of the ceremonies, both from the bride’s and the groom’s side. So, that there is no hustle and bustle at the last minute.

Event Details

Correct wedding Venue details: Another key point worth mentioning is that you should mention the correct venue details, both from the groom’s and the bride’s side. Such as city and location etc!

Any additional info that guests should know: You can also mention any other additional information that you want your guests to know like:

  • If there is any special code for dresses for any ceremony!
  • You can include your parent’s names along with your and your fiancé names.
  • You can also include a song suggestion block in which guests can suggest songs for your wedding.

The entire process of customizing and sending a Digital wedding Invitation is as easy as pie.

Whenever you are ready, to begin with, for Digital Wedding Invitations, then feel free to contact us.

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