Pre Wedding Shoots: Where, What & How!!!!

When thinking about and talking about weddings, you can picture a unique and special day for couples who are in love. You may envision a day when your fairy tale dream comes true. In making this dream come true, a lot of preparations need to be done. Pre Wedding photography is an expeditiously emerging trend in India, with couples setting aside a day prior to their biggest event to spend in front of the lens. Here lies a sneak peek into the reasons, that make the pre-wedding shoot a popular trend among the couples

An Opportunity to  Get Familiar

A Pre-Wedding Shoot is a prodigious risk-free opportunity for you and your fiancé to get to know each other and build good chemistry. Also, this shoot makes you get familiar with the photographer as well, where you can find a great way to get rid of your fear of coming in front of the camera. This will help you to get rid of your fear of the camera on your wedding day and you come up with more candid clicks.

Mahima Bhatia Photography Mahima Bhatia Photography

Mahima Bhatia Photography
Shot by Mahima Bhatia Photography

Getting Candid

A pre-wedding shoot provides an opportunity for the photographers as well as the couple to get more candid clicks in an open and free-minded atmosphere.

Therefore, Pre-Wedding Shoots are thought to be normal these days. But the confusing part of pre-wedding shoots is the selection of location, dress to opt for the shoot, and what else you would require at a pre-wedding shoot.Pre-Wedding Shoots Why are Pre-Wedding Shoots considered to be important?

Pre Wedding shoots are helpful in building a strong bond between the couple and the photographer’s team. In this way, on their D-day, they can easily communicate with the photographer regarding the poses and the pictures. Through pre-wedding shoots, couples can portray their love story by using different props and making it something everlasting.

Pre-wedding shoots allow the couple to spend some valuable time with each other so that they can know better. Because during the wedding celebrations, the couple can’t get enough time to interact with one another as they might be busy performing the rituals.

Another important significance of Pre-Wedding Shoots is that you can get a chance to make your own wedding album by getting the pictures clicked of your own choice and with your own interest of getting candid

How a Couple should choose a location for pre-wedding shoots?

Historical Places and Iconic Structures mostly have all the details and leave an eye-catching impact on the pictures. Historical Places are always been the best choice because they are considered to be a symbol of strength and tenacity in good and bad times.

Also, include your hometown in the location as it can be an attractive way to show pride in your roots and holds nostalgic value. These days there is a number of locations that are specifically designed for pre-wedding shoots, which have sculptures built specifically for themed photoshoots.Picture Location

The location that is chosen by the couple for the shoot, has stunning views and gorgeous natures that you won’t wait to roll around in.

Shot by Studio Kelly Photography at The Perfect Location Faridabad

What kind of outfits should a couple choose to wear for a pre-wedding shoot?

Inimitable pictures come from couples that project their personality. It is important enough that the couple wears colors and outfits that complement each other. Usually, a mix of Indian, Western, Casual, and Formal, can be preferred as per the couple’s choice and as per the location suiting. The most important thing that the couple should keep in mind is to be themselves, have full-on fun, and enjoy the limelight!

In the Nutshell, there are certain things that need to be surely considered for a Great Pre Wedding Shoot:

  1. Choose a time either early in the morning (5:30 am to 9 am) or in the evening at sunset for outdoor locations.
  2. The conclusion of the pre-wedding shoots totally depends upon the couple themselves and how exactly they are comfortable with each other.
  3. Deciding what type of shoot you want – ultra-romantic which would include just you and him getting comfortable. If you want to just go for fun, then you can think of the props, ideas, and stories your pictures could illustrate.

The most important of all is to choose a photographer who not clicks on your pictures but your emotions too.  So be wise while choosing your photographer, go through his/her past works, read reviews, and have a discussion.

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