This Palindrome Wedding Has Personal Customizations That Will Make You Go Aww.


We strongly believe every wedding is unique in a way of it’s own. This Palindrome Wedding  in Pune, has its unique quotient  a tad bit higher owing to unique personal customizations that the couple has incorporated; from their outfit , invite to the wedding décor. It’s a wedding that has been planned to the minutest of detailing.


Meet Hitali & Jay

Hitali & Jay went on from studying in the same school to being friends and eventually soulmates. There’s a love story that everyone dreams of. From 2006 to 2021 this  15 year long relationship has travelled numerous paths, Hitali and Jay met in 2006 during Navratri, the year when Jay started his college and Hitali was in her last year of school.  Since their first meeting, Jay made it a point to meet Hitali once every day as he came to drop off his brother at school. Years passed by since then and they both pursued their individual careers and passions while maintaining their friendship.  They both lifted each other up and chased their dreams together while making their own careers.
Hitali pursued medical and today is a successful surgeon and Jay went on to start his own venture as a textile merchant.


pre wedding sHOOT


The Proposal

Being friends for a very long time and having settled in their own careers came a time when they decided to focus on personal life too.  Jay decided to pop the question and took aboard both the families and they were more than happy to see Hitali and Jay together as soulmates.10-December -2019 they moved on from friends to fiancee.



The Palindrome Wedding

Those who have love and fondness for numbers show their love in all ways they can. Jay, the groom is fond of numbers hence their wedding date would be no simple and hence the Palindrome.

Palindromes are numbers and letters that spell the same front and back hence the date



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