This Palindrome Wedding Has Personal Customizations That Will Make You Go Aww.

Sneak Peak Into Wedding

The wedding pictures are a proof that if you believe it you can make it happen. The impeccable planning  and execution that Hitali  & Jay  undertook for their wedding has left us impressed. It’s stunning to say the least and does take a lot of effort, without a wedding planner in picture.


Vibrant Haldi – A perfect blend of tradition and fun!

To the Rhythm of the Dhol, with the swag of Bhangra & Gidda, lets paint the groom, the bride and the town yellow



Here comes the Couple



Let the madness begin




 Whimsical Sangeet with Ring Ceremony – Fusion of Garba with Leds.


Silver bells are about to ring,
But before that lets dance and sing.
We like it the old school way.
Say “Jay Mataji” , Chill & Slay.
a fun-filled night of Sangeet & Ring Ceremony.
“JAYTAALI- Jya Jya Jay, Tya Tya Taali.”



The Palindrome Wedding

With a twinkle in your eyes, a swinging temple bell in your hands and joy in your hearts.
Lets make the wedding pheras so divine that the virtuous and noble forces enter the heart and activate the seven healing chakras of our body to bless the new couple was our slogan.




The highlight of the Reception is the Grand  Palace cake and the chariot, totally a grand Fairytale Come true. Hitali and Jay look no less than Queen and King of a fairytale kingdom.

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