25+ Opulent Wedding Cakes Designs You Will Love!!

Latest wedding cakes designs of 2022

Do you love cakes?? If yes, then you are at the right spot because we have come up with these delicious & amazing cakes that will pretty blow your mind.

Your wedding cake holds a special part in your wedding ceremony as it’s the first most ceremony that you perform with your spouse after your wedding. So you can make this moment more special & everlasting with a unique & creative wedding cake that will amaze your guests too. These days we get cakes that not only look mouthwatering but you want to frame it for life.

So get ready because we have a treat for you, from floral wedding cakes to giant castle-shaped, personalized cute toppers to classic monogrammed cakes that you will surely add to your wedding wish list.

Brands Lover Cake Design / Shopping Lover Cake

The one who is a shopping freak or has infinite love for brands then this cake is perfect for their wedding. Do you know someone who would love to have this as her wedding cake? Tag her in comment section below.

shopping lover birthday cake ideas

Source: thecakewalkerz

Car-Themed Wedding Cake

No words can do justice to describe this giant car-themed wedding cake. So let the pictures do the talking itself. Scroll down to have a yummilicious treat for your eyes.

Car theme giant wedding cake

Car theme giant wedding cake

Car theme giant wedding cake

Car theme giant wedding cake

Giant car theme wedding cake

Source: becamilano

Game Of Thrones Themed Wedding Cake

A couple who is a big fan of Game of Thrones seasons can pick up this idea for their wedding cake. This beautiful 4-tier cake with stone texture, dragon wings, armor, and couple topper on Throne & GOT architecture is winning our hearts with its epic look.

Game of Thrones Themed Wedding Cake

Source: springbloomcakes

Giant 7-Tier Floral Wedding Cake

Giant 7 tier wedding cake

Source: heladodelicia

Customized Wedding Cake With Love Story

A perfect way to share your love story with some sweetness. This colorful customized 5-tier wedding cake depicts the love story on each tier. 

Customized cakes with love story

Source: springbloomcakes

Moonstruck Wedding Cake 

moonstruck wedding cake designs Moonstruck wedding cake

Source: lenovellecake

Wedding Cake Design  With Geode Details Embellished With Fresh Flowers

Wedding cake design with geode details & fresh flowers

Source: heladodelicia

New Forest-Themed Cake

A couple who is so inspired by nature can pick up this amazing ” New Forest” themed wedding cake.

New Forest Themed Cake

Source: sarahlouisecakes.uk

Safari Themed Cake

Another wedding cake design for Safari lovers. Share your thoughts on this wedding cake design in comment section below.

safari themed cake

Source: heladodelicia

Upside Down Cake

upside down wedding cake designs

Source: heladodelicia

Custom Cake Design – Cake Sweet Origins

customized love story themed wedding cake design

Source: becamilano

Best Three Tier Wedding Cakes

three tier cake designs

three tier floral wedding cake

Source: heladodelicia

tier wedding cake designs

Source: cupcakesandcounting

Floral Wedding Cakes

When you have floral power then you can bring out the beauty in anything. And these floral creations are setting the perfect examples of cakes beautifully decorated with pastel-colored roses.

Floral Cakes
Source: sweethollywood

Floral Wedding Cakes
Picture Courtesy: lenovellecake

Floral Cake

Source: thefrostery

Wedding Cakes

Picture Courtesy: frostedfujicakes

Custom Wedding Cakes With Significant Words

These beautiful wedding cakes with significant words related to a wedding will add a pinch of romance.

Wedding Cakes With Words Written On It

Source: angieharwoodphotography

Wedding Cakes With Words Written On Them

Source: bamboobakeryarizona

Monogram Wedding Cakes

Nowadays, monograms are not only found in wedding cards or decor but you will also find these initials of the first name in the wedding cake too. Couples usually love such cute representatives that catch everybody’s attention. And these monograms on these delicious desserts that are making them look more classic & modern.

Floral Cakes With Monograms

Source: sweethollywood

Monogram Wedding Cakes

Source: sugarnspicies_ng

Monogram Wedding Cakes

Picture Courtesy: cremedelacakes

Hanging Cakes

Hanging cakes or you can call them suspended wedding cake are taking the bar to the new level. If you are looking for something trendy & fabulous then here is your pick. You can go for such stunning creations with the beautiful floral decor & then it will be the highlight of the wedding.

Hanging Cakes for Weddings

Source: 5starweddings

Hanging Wedding Cakes

Source: modernweddingcakes

Pillow Cakes

These are other masterpieces decorated with flowers, beads, & intricate art on it. The exquisite toppers on it work as a cherry on top on these pretty desserts.

Pillow Wedding Cakes

Source: sugardustbyamina

Pillow Wedding Cakes

Source: debbiecakeartistry

Mehndi Cakes

These Dholki Cakes are perfect to make your Mehendi ceremony more vibrant with a sweet touch. In addition to it, you can beautifully match the tone with Mehendi fiesta with offbeat colors & exquisite art on it.

Mehndi Cakes

Source: nahers_cakes

Mehndi Cakes

Source: luxurycakesca

Peacock Cakes

Peacocks are the most beautiful birds with heavenly feathers, and this peacock art on wedding cakes has left us awestruck. Moreover, the way these feathers are mingled &  incorporated in the wedding dress theme cake is totally inspiration worthy.

Peacock Wedding Cakes

Source: lenovellecake

Peacock Wedding Cakes

Source: lenovellecake

Giant Castle Cakes

When you are living a life of princess then why not to reflect it in your wedding too. Similarly, you too can go for these Castle shaped cake for your wedding & amaze your guests with such a fantastic creation as these brides did. These giant creations are seriously giving major wedding cake goals.

Castle Wedding Cakes

Source: lenovellecake

Giant Castle Wedding Cakes

Picture Courtesy: lebaneseweddings

Castle Wedding Cakes

Source: lenovellecake

Wedding Cake Toppers

Bring fun limelight to your wedding cake with these super cute toppers. However, you can get it personalized too in the form of superhero or figures with traditional outfits or you can go with any figures that match your personality. Aren’t these toppers too cute to handle??

Wedding Cake Toppers

Source: thecrumbfactory

Wedding Cakes Toppers

Picture Courtesy: cakesncraft_annapurna

Wedding Cake Toppers

Source: weddingsbycatalonia

Cute Cake Toppers For Wedding Cake

Source: whiskcakestudio

Beautiful Wedding Cake Toppers

Picture Courtesy: artfulcaketoppers

Cake Topper Ideas

Source: artfulcaketoppers

Macaroons Wedding Cakes

Ditch the traditional single-colored cake & switch to watercolored effect. This 4 tier wedding cake with the watercolor icing & decorated with the macaroons & roses are making it more tempting. For instance, loved this combo of macaroons & roses on the cake.

Wedding Cakes With Macrones

Source: silviaamorusoweddings

Chocolate Cakes

These chocolate delights are so tempting that nobody will be able to resist to have a piece of such a mouth-watering cake. Instead of going for vanilla you can choose a chocolate flavor for the wedding cake, as we are pretty sure that chocolates are everybody’s favorite.

Chocolate Wedding Cake

Source: weddingphotoinspiration


Chocolate Wedding Cakes

Picture Courtesy: thecrumbfactory

Chocolate Wedding Cakes

Source: blackbirdcakes

Black & White Custom Wedding Cake

This custom black & white wedding cake is a perfect for the couples who love to go on adventure trips.

Black & White Custom Wedding Cake For Couple Who Are Adventurous



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