Groom Mehendi Designs to Bookmark for the Next Groom-To-Be in the House.

Groom Mehendi Ideas

Mehendi Ceremony is not just for the brides but for grooms too.  Bride’s henna-stained hands have always been talked at the wedding since like ever. However, it may seem to be a cool thing today to spot an elaborate henna stained groom’s hand, the ritual existed ever since. In the name of groom mehndi design, there were just the initials or a little spot for the shagun that grooms ever got on their shaadi. It’s just after the KJO’s ADHM   “Channa Mereya” the grooms went ahead to flaunt their henna-stained hands just like Ranbir Kapoor and ever since we have seen them get creative.

Future grooms to be, family and friends if there is an upcoming shaadi in the family bookmark these groom Mehendi design ideas that we saw real grooms flaunting on their shaadi’s.

On Board with the Bride

Getting elaborate henna done was not on the cards until Ranbir Kapoor surprised everyone with an elaborate mehndi design on his hands for AHDM.  Since then we have spotted various grooms getting on board with the bride and getting an elaborate mehndi design for their hands.

Groom Mehendi Designs
Picture Credits Mohit Singhal Photography
Groom Mehendi Designs
Picture Credits Epic Stories

 With the blessings of the  Gods

In India, nothing auspicious is done without the blessings of god& goddesses hence the henna with the idols of god and goddesses is a perfect way to begin the new journey with the blessings. Henna designs that consist of idols and motifs are not too elaborate and look stunning too.

 Mehendi Design For Indian Grooms
Credits Kb Photography
Ganesha Mehendi Design For Indian Grooms
Pic Credits The Con Artists

Flaunting her Name  Artistically

Bride’s may choose to hide their husband’s name in the intricate mehndi designs for their husbands to find out, but the grooms here are in a mood to flaunt. Coupled with some beautiful henna designs and bold letter of their sweetheart’s name, these grooms are a surely the romantic kinds you see in movies.

Henna Design For Grooms
Source The Groom Vaibhav
Henna Design For Grooms
Source: Khwaish Weddings
Henna Design For Grooms
Pic Credits Cup Cake Productions


Groom Mehendi Designs
Pic Credits Wedding

Nick Jonas Style Henna Design

At #Nickyanka #Nickyanka Wedding our desi girl rocked her Mehendi like no other, Nik Jonas did not refrain from the Mehendi himself and went ahead and got a Mehendi  Design on his palms to check out the image to see what it read. Isn’t it a cute and quirky way to incorporate your bride’s name on the hands.  This one’s surely gonna be a hit.

Nick Jonas Mehendi Design
Source Priyanka Chopra Instagram


The Initials Do The Trick

If you a groom who likes no fuss and do not have the patience to sit for hours to get the Mehendi on, go ahead and scribble the initials it’s a design in itself and they will make her heart melt.

Groom Mehendi Designs
Picture Credits Shutter Down Photography


Who is Your Favorite Superhero

We all have that one favourite superhero who we admire and look up to and sometimes you are your own Superhero or hers, so let the love pour in for your superhero or favourite cartoon. The idea of superheroes, cartoon characters, game shows on mehendi designs is quite a popular one amongst brides too.

Cartoon Character Mehendi Design
Henna By Divya Patel
SuperHero Mehendi Design
SuperHero Mehendi


So have you saved them already if not then go ahead and save these ideas for grooms Mehendi to give a tough competition to the bride.

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