Trending Bridal Mehndi Designs You Need to Check Out NOW

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One thing that stays longer than anything at the weddings will be your henna tattoo. Those beautiful red hands and feet adorned with spectacular mehndi designs will accompany you wherever you go for first few days of your married life. Not to forget, it takes hours to get that perfect mehndi crafted on your hands and feet, so why choose something boring. Here are few trending new bridal mehndi design ideas that you can probably steal for your wedding and add up a little twist of your own. The  more personalized  it is the  better it gets and no we don’t mean that you have to overboard even  minimalist  design  can be fun and  trendy .

Let’s check out what’s  new in  the pitara of mehndi artists this season.

The Proposal

Well it all started with a proposal, so why not have it henna tattooed.It definitely will sweep him off the feet when he sees that beautiful moment  painted on your hands.

Mehndi Design sonikashennaart
Mehndi Design by Jyoti Chheda
Mehndi Artist Jyoti Chheda

Capture the moment

There will definitely be photographers all  around to capture the moment, but how about capturing one before hand on your hands. This maang mein sindoor bharna moment  design  will let you live the moment and the emotion  before the actual  moment  and also relive it   after it has occurred. Isn’t it  beautiful ? The best part it is  when the hands are joined together they form a beautiful story. A design that  is different on both the hands when single, but together they make one .

The Jaimala Design and Couple Portrait

How about two different designs and each has a story to tell.On one you can have your own portrait made and on another the moment from the weddings. Divyanka Tripathi too  had a portrait  mehndi for her wedding.Who needs a name on the hand when  you a have a picture on it.

Mehndi Artist Jyoti Chheda

Let your hand to the talking

Let your  life mantra  be  written on  the hands just like this one where it says “ Timing Is Everything ” and you can also see the  details on the one wrist is stethoscope and on the other is  $  so  when someone asks what you do , or what your fiancee profession let the hands do the talking.

Henna Design By Divya

The Dulha Dulhan Design

For those who feel  Dulha Dulhan design is so cliche. Well think again, it’s here to stay and you can always add  lot of  ideas to it to make it look  more trendy.Well here is how. Add different elements to it on one hand you can can show the baraat procession and the bride’s entrance on the other  or  an entire wedding too.

So  what after the  wedding ? Honeymoon !! Why not add the story here.  Plus  adding up some floral designs on the finger tips isn’t a bad idea either.

Henna Design By Divya

Floral Designs 

Needless to  say  floral designs are a big hit, be it in apparels or  henna designs. For those who  want some minimalist designs , floral designs are the best.Lotus, rose designs  or a big flower in the center works the best .

Henna Design By Divya
Henna Design By Divya

Something that’s extraordinary

If you are something extraordinary , then girls hold your breath . This super cute henna design idea will swipe you off . Pets have been ruling our lives , making it happier and not to forget the love they  give. If And they are totally slaying in wedding  and pre-wedding shoots too. How about one on henna design ?If you aren’t sure check out the design below.

Henna Design By Divya

Isn’t it  super amazing, well  if you like the design but don’t have a pet. Not to worry,here is a design for you as well, check out below.

Design by Sonika Henaa Art

Skylines /Memorials and Places

Another unique idea on the shelves is the skylines and the  famous monuments or maybe some famous landmarks. If in case it’s a two states wedding or cross-border wedding you can  depict your story like below.

Design by Sonika Henaa Art


Super loved these designs.Check Out our next post on how to  get that deep red color henna  stain .

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