This Palindrome Wedding Has Personal Customizations That Will Make You Go Aww.

Wedding Planning

Jay and Hitali always liked the idea of an intimate wedding with only the loved ones in attendance. Covid-19 outbreak  made  way for their intimate wedding with all traditions and culture being followed also keeping in mind the safety and precautions for all the family.

They zeroed in on Corinthians, Pune  what fit the expectations was the huge area they had which allowed each event to take place at a different location within the venue itself.

The wedding was planned by Hitali herself , without any wedding planner on board .

“I love to myself plan everything and have it no other way.
We made Pinterest boards, searched on internet for hours and then made our own presentation of the décor that we would like.
Then we met the different panels of decorators in Corinthians for the décor. So all the execution and booking were managed by Jay and all the ideas, themes and décor planned by me”  Hitali

Every little detail for the wedding was customized and had a personal touch from wedding invite to outfits to mehendi designs to choreography everything had been personalized . The wedding pictures are magical and we in an awe of the Reception Cake , it’s a fairytale



Wedding invite

We wanted to make a Save the Date Video that showed our journey from school.
No one could make it better than Yashashwi from Weddings by Graphé .
Journey from School Friends to graduates and then being professionals and now forever soulmate was best depicted in a cute and short 17 secs video.
Our wedding logo was  animated having elements of our profession- embroidery needle, stethoscope in the shape of heart with heart beats and a flight travelling to the heart.
The wedding invite was planned after deciding on the decor and our wedding clothes.
We made a 3d animated video invite showing Corinthians resort and all the venues inside with the decor we would have at the wedding and the clothes we would wear for the wedding.
It was a dream invite.
We are really grateful to  Weddings by Graphé because of whom we could actually see our wedding before it actually happened. We also made instagram and facebook wedding filters for all the functions.


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