This Sauve Pune Wedding Had The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Wedding Decor

Couple Potrait


Those who have a keen eye for details and love pinning around exquisite wedding planning details this wedding is full of drool-worthy details. The décor and the detailing are so pleasing that you can’t help but go gaga over the setup. It’s not just the décor but how well the wedding have been conceptualized and planned to the T  makes it aesthetically pleasing.

Meet Dishant & Pallavi

Though it’s said opposites attract, when it comes to finding your life partner it always seems best to look for people who match our tastes and likings.  The likelihood of getting married to someone as exact opposite is very less, but here are Dishant & Pallavi who are the exact opposite of each other, but know how to turn their distinct personalities and likings in their favour and strengthen their relationship. A family picnic in Pench, was where they first had a casual meeting and life went on as usual for both of them. Exactly a year later they met again on Pallavi’s birthday and that’s how the love story began it’s a journey. 3 Years of dating each other Dishant  & Pallavi are now Man & Wife. This love marriage can easily be termed as a modern love-arranged marriage where families play a part of cupid. February the love month is their month as they started dating in Feb 2017 and got married in Feb 2020.

Pune Wedding

On their Relationship, Pallavi Says
We both are poles apart as individuals. Nothing matches, not our food habits, neither the way we socialize nor the way we want to plan our trips. But that’s the beauty of our relationship…we never get bored, try out different things which the other likes and deep down our cores are the same!

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