Valentine’s Week Gift Ideas with Outbox Surprises

Valentine’s Week Gift Ideas with Outbox Surprises

Roses are red, Violets are Blue

Valentine’s Week is coming…

And you don’t think this one through

Valentine’s Week celebration put the lovers together in a state of excitement as well as confusion. Well, the excitement factor is for getting a complete week to celebrate the feeling of love ?and the confusion arises for the selection of Valentine’s gifts. But in reality, it’s a cumbersome task to decide about what romantic activity is really the best choice.

As Valentine’s week is drawing nearer close to, every one of the lovers around the globe would be seen rolling over their heads over what to gift their Valentine? Each lover wishes to win the heart of their dearest ones with their phenomenal gifts. Presently, the most critical question arises What special gifts can be gifted to our darling on all the days of this upcoming Valentine’s week?

Hence, this February also termed as the “Love ? Month of the Year” shower all your love that is hidden deep inside your hearts and create new and extraordinary memories with Outbox Surprises. Let’s then solve all your confusion based on gifting your valentine in the unique and extraordinary style.  Read on below and check out these Valentine’s gifts to create new memories with your partner!

Just, to make this Valentine’s Day full of surprises and uniqueness, Kaushal Modi and Sukriti Agarwal from Outbox Surprises has come up with some great Valentine’s Week Package. This package is themed at you are my 8th wonder. The package not only contains the gifts for particular days, but it also comes up with a mystery that is revealed at the end means on the “Valentine’s Day”. Outbox Surprises are based in Kolkata and deliver all over India.

This package contains all those gifts that will help you to pamper your beloved one.

You are my 8th Wonder

What is this Valentine’s Week package all about?

Create memories that last a lifetime and make your loved one fall in love with you again this Valentine’s week (7th-13th Feb). Pamper them with unique gifts for each day of the week, and let their heart sink for you with a heartfelt message each day as they experience the seven wonders of the world. Keep them feeling loved each day with the cutest app just for them, which gets unlocked every day with different messages to let them know what all and how much they mean to you!

And as they feel overwhelmed with your love these seven days, sweep them off their feet on the day before Valentine’s with a truly mesmerizing surprise they couldn’t have seen coming! Leave no stones unturned in the celebration of your love, and make your better half feel blessed to be your Valentine! Call us at 080 30474129 to book it.

The day starts with such Surprises

Another Surprise by Outbox Surprises

Yet more Surprises

What does it include?

– 7 unique gifts for each day of the week
– 7 postcards with heartfelt messages from the 7 wonders of the world
– A personal app which gets unlocked every day just for them with different messages
– A big frame with a stellar surprise on the final day (contact at 9836061551/ 9831502670 to know more)
– Delivery at the doorstep for 7 days

Gift Details

– Rose Day:

A customized basket with reasons why ‘I love you’ and artificial roses.

– Propose Day:

A booklet with love quotes and your pic with a personal message.

– Chocolate Day:

A heart-shaped box with 3 chocolates in a customized wrapper.

– Teddy Day:

A teddy on a wooden platter.

– Promise Day:

A heart-shaped box with a bottle (message inside) and a key chain.

– Hug Day:

A couple showpiece with a hug day card.

– Kiss Day:

A heart-shaped box with a bell and a card which says ‘Ring the bell for a kiss’ and an empty frame to finally create meaning out of all the postcards they have received till now (There is a surprise in here)

Apart from the days, you can also surprise your partner with some other gift ideas like:??

Planning Romantic Dates:

Plan Valentine’s Day with romantic date ideas throughout your day! Spend Breakfast to Dinner with your love and make the most of each memory with Outbox!

Outbox Surprises

Outbox Surprises

An HHUUGGEE box gift wrapped with ribbons

Surprise your loved one with the BIGGEST GIFT with a sweet surprise inside delivered to their house!

The Cupid Box by Outbox Surprises

String Of Memories

The perfect gift for your friend, sibling, neighbour, better half or ANY loved one is here! Strings of ropes attached to the frame with your epic pictures hanging onto them, make it a perfect ride of happy and nostalgic feeling for your loved ones to absolutely feel awestruck by this thoughtful gift from you!

The String Of Memories by Outbox Surprises

The Rose Basket

Enhance the flower gifting experience by giving a basket full of roses. Your loved one will be truly surprised when they receive this flower hamper because every kind of bond calls for a unique celebration. You can change the flowers and customize hamper as per your requirements. What’s more: Add on a champagne bottle or gifts to it make it a personalized experience.

The Rose Basket by Outbox Surprises

Cost of the Package for Valentine’s Week

The whole package costs Rs. 9999 (inclusive of GST).


A gift on the Valentine’s Day for Rs 800 (available for pick up only)


– The package is exclusive to the first 5 bookings only
-The deliveries will be made anytime between 10 am to 9 pm
– For midnight delivery on any particular day, the delivery charges will be Rs 500 extra per delivery

How to Book this interesting package?

As these orders are only and only available for pre-orders till 5th February 2018 and you can order them online. Click on the image below.

So this time when Valentine’s Week is nearby, make Outbox Surprises as your perfect destination to buy Valentine’s Week Gifts package online.

Stay updated for more such Valentine’s Day and Wedding Ideas.

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