Rose Day 2019 – How Rose? became the symbol of Love??

Rose Day 2019 - How Rose? became the symbol of Love??

Valentine’s fever is all set to grip the individuals of all age groups and everyone is waiting eagerly for the love week. This day of love doesn’t come alone but arrives with a number of other special dates as well.

Valentine’s day celebrations begin seven days before when there is such a large amount of love noticeable all around. The whole Valentine Week is alluded to as the seven day stretch of love and romance. Each day of Valentine’s week brings a lot of new shocks and an extraordinary style of expression of feelings of love for your darling. Valentine’s week has some unrivalled hugeness. The Valentine’s week begins from seventh Feb and finishes on fourteenth Feb.

The first day of Valentine’s week is Rose Day ?which is celebrated on 7th Feb. Flowers reflect to be the symbol of emotions and feelings and when anyone talks about relationship or love.

How Rose became the symbol of Love?

The word rose has been taken from a Latin word “rosa” and Greek word “rhodum”. The symbolic history of red rose began during the reign of Greeks and Romans when it was given to “Eros” – the goddess of love by his mother “Aphrodite”. Further, Eros gave this rose to “Harpocrates” – the goddess of silence. Hence, it became the symbol of love and silence.

This day is not just meant for the lovebirds, you can even express your feelings of friendship to your close or best friend or any close family member. The feelings which cannot be expressed in words, a rose does it in a very simplest way. Offering rose on the Rose Day to someone can be a moment to remember of one’s life.

Valentine’s Roses speak more than you ponder. ??

Red Rose?: “I LOVE YOU”

A red rose is a perfect gift to say “I ❤ U“. Nothing can match the grace that red roses imbibe. A red rose is a symbol of love, respect and sincerity.

Red Rose: "I LOVE YOU"

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Pink Rose?: “Thank You”

Pink roses? are perfect for a friend if you want to honour him/her on Valentine’s Day. Such flowers give a special message for appreciation, grace, happiness, gratefulness, and admiration. The roses in pink have many shades varying from light to dark. Each and every shade has its own significance. Hence, don’t get confused when you want to choose a pink rose. If you want to show your gratitude and appreciation, go for dark pink. On the other hand, if you want to express sympathy, light pink is the best choice.

Pink Rose: "Thank You"

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Yellow Rose?: “We are Friends & I care for you”

Friendship is considered to be one of the most beautiful relationships in this human world. If you want to cherish your friendship on this rose day, then yellow rose is the best choice. Yellow symbolizes joy, friendship, remembrance, delight etc.

Yellow Rose: "We are Friends & I care for you"

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White Rose ?: “I am the only one for you”

Everyone prefers to send red roses on valentine’s day, so why not make this day unique by sending white roses?! As white is the symbol of true love, purity, truth and innocence.

White flowers also convey the message of the new beginning, that’s why Catholic wedding brides? carry the bunch of white flowers while walking down the aisle.

White Rose: "I am the only one for you"

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Lavender Roses?: “I am besotted with you”

Lavender roses depict a wonderful gesture of love at first sight. Such coloured roses are very appealing and you express the sense of regal majesty & fascination.

Lavender Roses: "I am besotted with you"

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Orange Rose?: “I want you in my life”

An orange coloured rose emphasis the feeling that you are passionate for your partner. As the colour symbolizes feelings such as enthusiasm, passion and desire. This colour embarks about the blossoms and energy in any relationship.

Orange Rose: "I want you in my life"

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Peach Rose?: “Let’s make out on this Valentine”

Peach basically is the symbol of intimacy. If you agree on saying “Let’s get together”, then such roses are the best to convey the message.
Peach Rose: "Let's make out on this Valentine"

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Valuable Tips for Rose Day celebration

Gifting a Heart Shaped Rose Bouquet:

It’s an easy task to win the heart of your special/beloved one by gifting him/her with a lovely rose shaped bouquet on this Rose Day that’s easily available in the market. This is a very romantic idea to celebrate the Rose Day.

Heart Shaped Rose Bouquet by Ferns N Petals

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Gifting a Cushion of Red colour:

Everyone loves to have a sound sleep and for that cushions play an integral part. In order to make cushion a gift, you need to select the right cushion with proper softness, size and design that can offer perfect sleep for your beloved one. It will be really cool if you gift a cushion for Rose Day.

Cushion of Red colour by Ferns N Petals

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How many Roses do I send?

Here’s the breakdown what the number of roses means:

One Rose?:                                                              “Love at First Sight!”
Two Roses??:                                                        “Mutual feelings of Love and Affection?…”
Three Roses???:                                                 “I Love You”!
Six Roses??????:                                        “Infatuation”
Nine Roses?????????:                        “Eternal Love”
Ten Roses??????????:                      “You are Perfection”
Twelve Roses?:                                                       “A perfect dozen shouts “Be mine”
Thirteen Roses?:                                                      “Friends Forever”
Fifteen Roses?:                                                        “Need to say, someone, that “You are really Sorry”
Twenty Roses?:                                                       “I am sincere towards you”
Twenty-One Roses?:                                               “I am committed towards you”
Twenty-Four Roses?:                                              “Stands for 24 hours of the day. “You are always in my mind”
Twenty-Five Roses?:                                              “Send a message of congratulations with a bouquet of 25 roses.”
Thirty-Six Roses?:                                                  “I am head over heels in love”
Forty Roses?:                                                          “My love for you is genuine”
Fifty Roses?:                                                           “Limitless Love for you”

Hence, this Valentine’s Day, make sure that you are delivering the right signal to your someone special? with Valentine’s Flowers?

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