21 Cutesy Valentine’s Day 2019 Date Ideas

Valentine's Day 2019 Date Ideas

February, the most awaited month by the couples or you can say LOVE BIRDS has finally come. You can call this month – A VALENTINE’S MONTH also. When it comes to those 7 days of Valentine’s week, you start gearing up a month before to pamper your love with chocolates, flowers, hugs, kisses & love notes. Every Valentine’s Day you try to make your Valentine’s Day Date a special one but what about of Valentine’s Day 2023?

                              Have you decided something for coming Valentine’s Day Date??

Not yet, just relax!!! We have come up with 21 Valentine’s Day 2023 Date Ideas that are super cute, romantic, full of fun, and simply awesome. Your date must be expecting some chocolates, teddy bear and beautiful roses. But, you can try your hands down for something else this V-Day 2019.

1. Starry Dinner?: A Perfect Valentine’s Day 2023 Date

How romantic it would be if you arrange your V-Day date along with the riverside or some lake under the sky full of twinkling stars. You can watch some romantic movies like The Vow, drink champagne, have endless talks and can make the best moments from it.

Lakeside Dinner- Valentine's Day 2023 Date Idea

                                                                       Source: weddings_by_silke

2. Romantic Date on Boat⛵:

Instead of going to some restaurant and having dinner, you can take your date for a boat ride. You can do paddle boating, sing songs dedicating to your relationship, and can enjoy the beautiful view with your soul mate.

Date on Boat- Valentine's Day 2023 Date Idea

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3. Candlelight Dinner?:

You can make a reservation at some restaurant and can celebrate your relationship with a candlelight dinner. You can surprise her with a beautiful bouquet of roses and a lovable note. When it comes to dessert time you both can play a little game by trying some flavored chocolates- whose chocolate tastes better?? It would be a fun game for both of you.

Candle Light Dinner- Valentine's Day 2023 Date Ideas

Source: heirateninthailand

4. Hiking:

If you both are adventurous then you can plan your date at some top of the mountain. Yes, at the top of the spot. You can go hiking to a place which you haven’t explored yet. And when you both reach the top you can enjoy the scenery highlighted with the moonlight. You can express your feelings in that magical moment when the day, time and surroundings everything is perfect.

Camping with bae- Valentine's Day 2023 Date Idea

Source: mrileea

Ugh-Oh!! You forgot to book the table?? Just take a chill pill, here we are having a perfect solution for it.

5. Cozy Home Date:

You can arrange your Valentine’s Day 2023 Date at your home and can cook some of her favorite dishes. She will definitely get surprised by your cooking talent and it will make her go Awww watching you preparing a meal for her. After supper, you can spend some time to play video games and can simply have fun.Cooking-Valentine's Day 2023 Date Idea

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6. Recalling Your Love Timeline?:

How about taking your honeybunch to the place where you first met???  You can take your love to a place where you first met and can refresh all the precious moments and the beautiful journey you had together. Your date will prove to be the best day of your life.

Recalling Your Love Timeline- Valentine's Day 2023 Date Ideas

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7. Street Food Date?? :

You can ditch the restaurant and can spice up with the street foods. You can stop at the various stalls and can enlighten your taste buds with some delicious street food. As we know “Street foods are the BEST”. And here comes the best part of your V-day date, you can walk with your bae hand in hand and can have funniest talks and can make that Walk to Remember.
Street Food Date - Valentine's Day 2023 Date Night

Source: streettoheart

8. Bike ride with your bae?-The Coolest Idea Ever

You can ride with your partner to some exotic places and can make the journey fun & romantic. As it’s said-
Couples who ride together stay together!!

Bike Ride- Valentine's Day 2023 Date Idea

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9. Ice-cream Lovers?:

We don’t think that anybody would say NO to Ice- cream. Your inner child always rises up when it comes to Ice-Cream. On your Valentine’s Day Date, you can just ditch the dinner and can hop on different spots and can taste ice-cream of different flavors and can relive your childish moments with your partner.

Ice-Cream Date- Valentine's Day 2023 Date Idea

Source: featherandtwine

10. Sunsets ?:

Sunsets are the most beautiful and watching sunset and reliving that moment with your partner would be like a cherry on the top. Your date couldn’t be much better than watching the most magical view that can add more colors to your love. Valentine’s Day, Date, Sunset, love- Isn’t it the perfect idea for V-day??

Sunset Date- Valentine's Day 2023 Date Idea

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11. Breakfast in bed:

Your wife wouldn’t be happier if you serve her the breakfast in bed. You can make her feel special by starting her day on a happy note. She will simply fall in love with you again for such kind gestures. It would be the best Valentine’s Day ever for you two.


Breakfast in bed- Valentine's Day 2023 Date Ideas

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12. Netflix:

For Netflix freaks, you don’t need to book tickets for Valentine’s this season. You can sit back at your home on luxury recliners offered by Valencia Theater Seating, which promotes the cozy and luxurious atmosphere, and watch romantic movies on Netflix besides watching it in a theatre. Just make a list of your favorite romantic movies, and can spend the entire day with your love watching movies and having a snack and making your Valentine’s Day Date a quirky one.

Netflix Movies Date Night

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13. Charity Homes: Best Valentine’s Day 2023 Date Idea

Celebrating this day at charity homes with kids would be the best part of your life. Valentine’s is all about love, and sharing that love with homeless people, small kids is all that life needs from you. Bringing a smile on somebody’s face will brighten your life too. This date can beat all the other ideas, we assure you.
Visit to Charity Home- Valentine's Day 2023 Date Ideas

Source: myunitar

14. Bookworms?:

When books are your love then celebrating your relationship with books would be the best date for you this V-Day 2023. You can gift your partner his/her favorite book that is on their wish list and can read that book with them. This will grow your love and will always want to have a date like these every time.

Bookworms- Valentine's Day 2023 Date Idea

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15. Spa Date:

After having a hectic day at the office or house, all you need is a refreshment. Having a spa date with your Valentine’s would give you a break to relax your mind and body and most importantly you two can spend some quality time together.

16. Dog Lovers ?:

Dogs are the most beautiful creatures who share unconditional love, makes you laugh and always cheer up your mood. If your bae is a dog lover, then this valentine day you can take her to some dog shelter and can serve food to them. You can also spend some time with street dogs, you can feed them and can play with them. She will definitely love this idea for Valentine’s day.
Dog Lovers- Valentine's Day 2019 Date Night

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17. Yummy Desserts Date Night?:

If you have the sweet tooth then make your Valentine’s Day 2023 Date sweetest with the desserts. You can try some delicious desserts at different restaurants and can add some new desserts to your favorites. It would be a yummy dessert date night!!
                                                                                                Isn’t this is the sweetest idea???

Desserts Date Night- Valentine's Day 2019 Date Idea

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18. A Day at Adventure Resort?:

Having an adventurous date on V-Day at Adventure resort- Sounds cool, Right??? You can take your date to some adventure resorts like The Kikar Lodge(Punjab), Grand Dragon Ladakh, Sirmour Retreat(Himachal) & Royal Demazong(Sikkim), Tiger Moon(Sikkim). They have indoor activities as well as outdoor activities such as table tennis, carom, paintball, dart board, cricket, water polo, buffalo cart rides, skiing, jungle safari. This date can prove to be a nature retreat.

19. Hot Air Balloons: A Perfect spot to PROPOSE

If you are planning to propose your love then proposing in Hot Air Balloon can surely become a spotlight of the year. You can arrange the Hot Air Balloon date and at the right moment you can pop up the question. This would be a dreamy proposal for them. As it’s said- Love is in the Air, so guyz make this V-day a memorable one. Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa, Delhi, Cappadocia (Turkey), Albuquerque (US), Masai Mara ( Kenya) are some of the best destinations for Hot Air Balloon Ride. You can book via. Sky Waltz, Tiger Balloon Safaris, Wanderlust Travels & Air Safari.

Hot Air Balloon Date- Valentine's Day 2023 Date Idea

Source: travel.cappadocia

20. DIY Valentine’s Day 2023❤:

This Valentine’s season you can surprise your partner with a handmade card. This can be an unexpected as well as the cutest gift from your side. Moreover, you can arrange the setup for a date in your garden and can treat their sweet tooth with homemade cake. 

21. Rent a Bicycle ?‍♀️:

You can rent a bicycle for you two and can have a fun tour around the city. You can paddle to the viewpoints which you both like the most and can spend some quality time together.

Date on Bicycle- Valentine's Day 2023 Date Ideas
                                                             Source: prewedding.dipakstudios

These are some of the cute, romantic, unexpected, creative & last- minute date ideas for this Valentine’s. If you too have any other quirky idea besides these, share with us in the comment section below.

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