This Valentine’s Day Gift a Hamper of Surprises

We love celebrating festivals all around the year and Valentine’s Day is no exception to the Rule.  Once considered as a cultural of the west , it is now quite popular  in India too. While there may be many reasons to advocate why one doesn’t need to celebrate it there is one strong reason i.e “ LOVE” that  says it should be  celebrated. When it comes to LOVE, its indescribable in words, we all have our own definitions, but what is synonymous for all is the feeling .

For couples in love it’s a day to express your feelings, because sometimes we all get so occupied in our  lives that we  miss rejoicing and romancing. Valentine’s Day is just another way to say “ I LOVE YOU” to your Sig’O.

To make  Valentine’s day  all the more special  and personal  L’Art  by Mallika known for some  great wedding favours, has come up with  Valentine’s Day Special  Hampers. The Hamper contains all that you would wish for your special someone.

L'art BY Mallika
Mallika Singla With Her Creations


The  Valentine boxes come in 2 different packages

  1. A 6’Inch Box
  2. A 8′ Inch Box
Valentine's Hampers
Valentine’s Hampers

Contents of the Hamper

The Hampers are specially curated for Valentine’s Day and we suggest should be gifted on the day itself. Here is what all make up this hamper special.

1. Board Game: The game consists of a board mentioning some cute, sweet, naughty and spicy activities that  the partners must do for their loved ones ???.

2.Puzzles: Puzzles are a great way to bond so to strengthen the bond of love there is  a puzzle game .

3. Coupons: So these are  really cute the coupons are provided which you can create yourself  for your  loved one which he/she can use it  for e g a movie date, a dinner date etc.Write up anything that you would love to do for your partner and let them avail the services from you.

Love Coupons
Love Coupons

4.Glasses : An evening over some cocktails, mocktails or lemonade.

5. Candles: To  lit up your evening there are scented candles in the box.

6. Chocloates: Chocolates are a ritual, it must to gift some chocolates on Valentine’s Day.

7. Miniature

Spin the bottle
Board Game

Cost of the Hamper: INR 1500  for  6’Inch  and INR 2500 for 8’Inch

Availability : The Hampers are available to be shipped all across India

How to Order : So  these hampers are only and only available on pre-orders till 8 February’2018  and you can order them online. Click on the image below

Stay updated  for  more such Valentine’s Day and Wedding Ideas.

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