Eco Friendly and Funny Ways Newly Weds can celebrate their Holi

Holi is that one festival which is aimed to bring people closer. Even newlyweds or new couple eagerly wait for this festival to grow close because it is all in the air. Holi can be fun not only for the newlyweds but for any couple whether they are about to get married or are engaged.

Holi festival is all about playing with colours and water. Pichkaaris and water balloons are the only props for this festival. And if it’s your first Holi after marriage, you would be double excited to celebrate it with your spouse. In other words, it’s time to have water guns, Holi recipes, colours and colourful happy faces around you. Yes, it is the only time to joy over because the upcoming Friday is going to be a very delightful one because it is Holi!

But before you think of going to the market and start buying the stuff, just think for a second that the stuff you would be using is healthy for anyone at all?

So here are some tips to make this year’s Holi festival a safe and eco-friendly for your dear ones and also for the environment.

Throw Away Organic Colors

One doesn’t need to investigate the harmful and hazardous effects of chemical-based colours. They cause a number of problems, from rashes to permanent marks on the face. Some may prove very allergic to different skin types.

This holi why not try to make your own colours from various organic products such as leaves, flowers, roses etc. Ditch those chemical-based colours with especially homemade ones.

If you still think that Holi is incomplete without lots of vibrant colours, then nature has provided you with them in abundant quantity. Those pretty flowers and organic colours that are available in the market will become a great alternative for artificial colours to celebrate eco-friendly Holi. They are easily decomposed in water and soil without causing any type of harm or allergy.

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Conserve Water

We all are aware of this fact that water is a precious resource that can soon be depleted away. To preserve water, we barely make any effort for saving it. Throwing water on anyone makes no sense. It’s just wastage. One alternative can be set, you can set a limit on the buckets of water you are going to use; water conservation is important too

Instead of wasting tonnes and tonnes of water, why not opt for some amusing activities around? We are sure that you would enjoy more in these fun activities rather than in the rain dance.

So, don’t waste water. Every drop counts!

Plan joint Holika Dahan

This is a ritual to burn logs of wood with other things as a religious symbol of burning evil. It is considered to be an effigy of evil Holika. As it is an old aged tradition, so don’t let go of it altogether. But if you could invite your society members as well for this tradition, it will reduce pollution to almost 50 per cent. This is a mandatory ritual to enjoy Holi for the newlyweds.

Make it Fun

Try to spice up the mood of your hubby and in-laws, if you see that they aren’t much enthusiastic about this festival. This will help you to bond together with them. You can organize a small holi party in the open area of your society inviting all your near and dear ones. Conduct some funny and exciting games that will make their day. In this fun, don’t forget to collect the memories. For this, you can hire a Professional Photographer from the town to capture the moments spent altogether.

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Dance a little

Holi celebrations are something that makes you do fun out of the box especially if it’s your first holi after, it is really something extraordinary. So, during the celebration have some music so that people can dance to the tunes and enjoy their fullest. You can keep the music voice a bit slower so that it won’t create any sort of noise pollution and disturbs other places that are around. Think of this party as if you are saving something, for creating remarkable memories that will be remembered for the lifetime.

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Say no to Water Balloons

There are so many alternatives to the usual ways in which you celebrate Holi. But when it comes to using water balloons, be totally against it. Not only your family, but nature and other people would be really thankful for not bombarding them with water balloons. As it is totally plastic and it can create harm to the environment. Also this can help you save a lot of water and reduce the hazardous plastic waste generation.

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Post Holi, surprise your husband

As all the celebrations of holi have come to an end and all the guests are back to their homes. Instead of simply going to the room and having rest, surprise your partner or plan some small outing with your husband. There are so many places where you can plan your small trip this Holi Weekend like The Queen of Hills- Shimla, Delhi, Agra etc. This is the best way to end up all the celebrations, isn’t it?

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So, are you ready for a hatke holi party? A festival that could wind up hurting somebody isn’t a festival by any means. Have a safe eco-friendly Holi.

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