Dance Performance by Kids on Weddings

A wedding is an occasion for the two families to celebrate the companionship of the couple.  While we all have different perspective to celebrate weddings for the kids, it is the time to celebrate, enjoy and party with cousins, eating sweets and different cuisines, flaunting their dresses and dance to the fullest.

Many of them have a hidden talent of dancing. It’s the best to make use of this talent at wedding. It will not only boost their confidence and spot their hidden talent, but also be a total entertainer performance at the weddings. Choreographed wedding dance on the weddings has become a new trend. It is now a common event that you see in the weddings.

Performing in front of hundreds of guests will give them the confidence and make them come out of their shell.

You can either teach them by yourself or hire a professional who specializes in training the kids.

There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind before the actual performance.


First, The Attire

Coordinated dresses make the performances look even cuter. Although, kids look adorable in anything but this will teach them the lesson of equality as well.

“Incorporating education in fun activities is an effective way of making them receptive to new information provided to them”  Budding Star .

Make sure you choose the dress that’s comfortable and easy for the kids to dance  and walk around in.


Second is the song selection

Kids  often have their own favorites. They do master lot of steps from their favorite  songs. The best is to let them dance to what’s their favorite. Alternatively  you can also  choose mashup or a song. Here is the list of  few songs that you can use:

  • Kala Chashma (BaarBaarDekho)
  • PremRatanDhanPayo (PremRatanDhanPayo)
  • Radha (Student of the Year)
  • Pinga (BajiraoMastaani)
  • ChitiKalayiyanVe (Roy)
  • London Thumakda (Queen)
  • Bole Chudiyan Bole Kangana (KabhiKhushiKabhiGhum)
  • Dili Wali Girlfriend (YehJawaani Hai Dewani)


These are on the top charts if it comes to dancing. And if you want to spice it up then make it a medley of old songs.

You can pick up an era and then choreography using the era as a theme. For example: you pick up songs from 90’s then your theme can bright outfits and funky choreography. Whereas the dance numbers of 80’s or 70’s can be totally energetic.

We personally recommend the old songs as those songs would bring back the memories of the elderly.

Why not make a performance that brings smile to every face and warm up every heart…??


This article has been specially curated  by BuddingStar  keeping in mind these tiny tots at weddings.   Weddings are  much more enjoyable when you have the little champs of the family, dancing to their favorite tunes.


**Video Source : Youtube

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