Engagement Ring a Special Symbol

Wedding, of course is the most special moment of one’s life that’s why it is universally called as the Big Day.Engagement is the beginning of a wedding journey and Engagement ring is a special symbol which changes one’s social status to “engaged”

Engagement Rings are imperative part of any engagement ceremony. It is a symbol of commitment, devotion and love between two souls. Engagement rings are circular in shape and it is so because a circle has no beginning and no ending, symbolizing the marriages are to last forever.

Why Engagement Ring Is worn on Forth Finger?

Well, it began thousand of years ago as a belief among Greek and Romans that a vein (vena amoris) in the fourth finger on the left hand is directly connected to the heart.  Thus the engagement ring should be worn on this finger to symbolise the love between the couple. Though scientifically it is a myth, but it is still believed by couples.

How Much Is Worth

It is difficult to say how much worth an engagement ring is, but it is definitely worth it. Be it a little flower ring or a big solitaire ring. It holds more worth than any other thing in the wedding.  How we crave for the most beautiful wedding attire, one that too is worn probably just once. The ring on the finger will remain forever on it, reminding the bond between the two every time you look at it. Isn’t it worth more than any other thing you bought for your weddings? At best, there is something from our wedding that we can wear everyday a symbol of love, commitment and devotion.

Different Trends in Engagement Rings

Just like the modern weddings, the  rings have also been retailored  as per the modern likes. Unlike the older times where Solitaires and  Diamonds were just the privilege of the royalty ,today diamonds are every girl’s best friend and no longer man’s worst enemy.  The rings today are made in gold, platinum embellished with  diamonds, solitaire’s,  ruby and  other beautiful pearls. So here is a list of top trends in engagement rings.

Evergreen Single Solitaires

This has been the most popular rings and the credit goes to the rings that are seen on silver screen in the little tiffany  box as a simple ring with popping solitaire that shimmers at it’s best .


Rings with a twist of metals and love

These are being loved by couples  with the intertwining strands of  gold ,platinum  and diamonds. It certainly looks beautiful on the fingers.

twistsThe Love Bands

These rings are gaining popularity among the  modern couples popularly known as the love bands.The are generally in the form of  a metallic band with a small diamonds studded in the centre .They can also been seen in combination with gemstones.

bandThe tale of gemstones and diamonds

These are a mix of coloured gemstones and diamonds bringing out the different colours  of  a relationship apart from bringing in some  colour to the ring.

 djrn5768_1Different forms of love 

While the  traditional round shape centre rings are  top choice, there has been a shift to different shapes of centre stones  such as heart shape, rectangular, squarish .

heartNature Inspired Rings

Well, the mother nature is always inspiring , the inspiration can be seen in the  rings  in the form of flower, leaves, fern design . They look both elegant and stylish.

 florThe Off Beat Rings

These are the rings specially crafted for those who  chose to set their own trends . There are number of such designs breaking the traditional notions of engagement ring styles.

Traditional Indian Designs

India has always been known for its rich heritage . There is a lot to offer in terms of designs Polki , Meenkari , Jadau.  These rings are loved by a lot of people  as they are vintage  and have their own league. They represent the Maharaja and Maharani  jewellery styles of ancient  India and they have not lost their valour in 21st They are here to stay and will always be .


Yellow Diamond Cushion Cut

Princess Cut Engagement Ring with an Elegant Band

Double Halo and two Twisted Bands

Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Every engagement  ring has a  story to tell . The tale of two souls  ready  to begin their new journey . We would love to hear  your story  and also for those who are still on a lookout for the special one we would love to hear your take on the ring styles.

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