Interview with International Wedding Photographerđź“· : Sona Sachdeva

Just like Indian Wedding, wedding photography has seen a swift change in trends and is constantly evolving. Wedding Photography is not just about clicking the pictures at a wedding but capturing the moments and emotions. Once considered as an amateur calling, this industry requires knowledge of nuances of photography such as types of equipment, lighting effects, right moment and frame etc. It takes a great deal of dedication, passion and constant urge to outperform each time to create a picture that’s worth looking back.

We got a chance to interview Sona Sachdeva, an International Wedding Photographerđź“· based in  New Delhi, India.  She is best known for her spontaneous style of capturing beautiful moments at Indian Weddings. It’s insightful to know what goes behind that perfect picture that engulfs you into the moment.

Here’s an exclusive interview on how she has made photography not only her passion but an essential part of her life too. 

What pulled you towards wedding photography?

During my college, I was a part of photography society, which  I went on to head later. It acted as a major stimulator to take up photography. I got featured by Instagram for my Insta Feed and that’s how I got a constant fan following. Eventually, I got into wedding photography.

Interview with International Wedding Photographerđź“· : Sona Sachdeva

International Wedding Photographer : Sona Sachdeva

As you travel to a number of places for the shoot. What has been your favourite destination to shoot at in the past and why?

(Ohh! Wow!) There are quite a number of places and it’s really difficult to narrow down one. Goa by far is my favourite Pre-wedding Shoot Destination.

For wedding destinations, Jaipur tops my list owing to the beauty and ethnicity. Our team shot for a wedding in The Lalit at Jaipur which is a phenomenal place.

International Wedding Photographer : Sona Sachdeva

International Wedding Photographer : Sona Sachdeva

Alwar, Rajasthan is on my favourite list for a peaceful pre-wedding shoot away from crowds, interruptions and noises.

International Wedding Photographer : Sona Sachdeva

What do you love the most about shooting weddings?

Weddings celebrate the joy of human relationships and I love to capture those moments. Specifically, I love capturing couple pictures and bridal shots. It’s an amazing opportunity for me and my team to show some creativity and capture a myriad of emotions.

Tell us one such shoot that you loved planning and executing?

For each wedding that we shoot we do a lot of groundwork. But my shooting style is very spontaneous, what strikes my mind at that very moment, I do that. It gets disappointing for me if I’m unable to explore what’s in my mind. I prefer creating my own visual style, rather than capturing something just because everyone is doing that.

Interview with International Wedding Photographerđź“· : Sona Sachdeva

2 years back when I started out as a wedding photographer, I shot for  Sumit and Sakshi’s wedding in Delhi. Shooting with them and their family didn’t feel like a client relationship but like a family.  The love that I and my team got from the entire family is one special memory. Being a wedding photographer, the love that we get is what  I  cherish. 

International Wedding Photographer : Sona Sachdeva

Is it important to be involved and get to know the client closely to create good images?

Definitely, I believe that it’s really important to know the client to form pictures that feel personal for them. Photography is an opportunity that lets a photographer give their clients something that holds an abstract feeling. The bond that the couple share, the chemistry they hold and the love they bestow is something very personal and to capture these intimate moments, it is necessary that the couple is comfortable with the photographer.

International Wedding Photographer : Sona Sachdeva

Hence, my focus has always been to capture the beautiful pictures that carry real emotions and give my clients something tangible.

Being a female, how the idea of being a wedding photographer crossed your mind?

To be very honest, at one point I was a bit conscious of the idea. During initial weddings, I was accustomed to staring and people would wonder about seeing a girl clicking wedding pictures.

I was once asked a very weird question in one of the client meetings “What went wrong that you are in this profession?”. Initially, I was very offended by the statement but I replied, “Nothing went wrong, I choose photography because I love to do it and the choice is born out of my passion.”  I’m not sure what made him ask, maybe he assumed that I had no family to support me. The statement in itself was very offensive, I was very hurt and displeased, so I decided not to take that project.

In today’s era, there is no gender discrimination. I believe it’s an individual’s personal choice to pick up the profession that one is passionate about.

What’s on your Goal list for wedding photography this coming year?

I really don’t believe in making new year resolutions because I am unable to complete them on time nor I remember them.

But I do have some plans this coming year. There are two things that are on my calendar in 2019. Firstly, I will set up a new office close to my place in  Delhi. Secondly, I am going to change the entire equipment from Canon to Sony. Rest  I would love to go with the flow as my personal style is spontaneous  I will make the best of it.

Inspiration, Knowledge and Insights on what it takes to be a wedding photographer is what we imbibed from Sona Sachdeva.

Thanks for giving Wish N Wed this chance to have a word with you.

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