How Kids play an Essential part in the Weddings?

Kids at the Weddings

The presence of kids specifically at the weddings makes everyone’s heart delightful. Imagining the sight of them in the cute little lehengas and sherwanis, their tiny toes fitted in small colorful jootis, their mini braided hairstyles or their oversized glares (aaaawwww soo cuuuute!!!) – Everything related to the kids makes everyone really very HAPPY!

But this is not the feeling of every individual. Weddings are far more exciting for adults. As far as it concerns about the young ones, they can no doubt be a lot of fun at the weddings but they are also capable of breaking all the hell loose. This totally depends upon their unpredictable mood swings.

So, they too play an essential role in the weddings by spreading love and happiness all around. In order to have a kid-friendly wedding, it’s effective to include them in the ceremonies so their mood doesn’t swing, rather it always remain happy.

Here are some illustrations from our various vendors on how to make your children a best part of the wedding:

Picture courtesy Abhit Jhanji Photography


Picture Courtesy Anoop Photography


Picture Courtesy Hitesh Shivnani Photography


Picture Courtesy Hitesh Shivnani Photography


Picture Courtesy Shanti Studio


Picture Courtesy Shanti Studio


Picture Courtesy Soozana Pvan Photography

Follow the above ideas and make your wedding an enjoyable affair for the kids as well. Its sure that it will entertain the kids and will make them feel special. So, you can choose the best idea and make your marriage a very happy occasion for everyone, in the true sense.

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