Best Wedding Planner Books for Indian Brides

best wedding planner books

There’s no such thing as being ‘too organized’ when it comes to planning a wedding, especially if it’s your wedding. Though in today’s age, you can keep a tab of your wedding preparations through online apps, a lot of brides feel that the personal touch that wedding planner books offer is quite unparalleled.  

Remember Monica’s wedding planner from FRIENDS? The excruciatingly elaborate and detail-oriented journal she maintained right from her childhood was definitely worthy of applause. Now, while you might not have been curating one since kindergarten, putting down all your wedding dreams in a planning book is an experience no bride should miss.  

wedding planner book

 Moreover, a wedding planning diary is quite handy, and its templates are made to organise your intensive wedding plans in a central place. You can also skim through pages and pages of much-needed wedding inspiration. Wedding planner journals range from simple ones with elaborate checklists to more detailed and creative ones that include event pages, beautiful illustrations, heart-warming mood boards, and much more.  

The best part is that you can keep it as a memento to reminisce about these beautiful days when your wedding celebrations are over. Of course, the milestones, checklists, and events differ significantly for Indian weddings. So we’ve compiled a list of top Indian wedding journals you can order online! 


Best Wedding Planning Books in India  

1. Wedding Planner Checklist: A Portable Guide to Organizing Your Dream Wedding 

This handy little wedding planner includes a checklist for all things you associate with your wedding. This book helps you plan your budget, timelines, make-up, hair, outfits, photography, activities, catering, accommodations, and even a social media calendar.

You can also consolidate your reminders, notes, business cards, picture/magazine clippings, brochures, etc., in the book as well so that whenever you go out to run wedding-related errands, the book will have everything you need. It also has detailed guides on how you can manage your wedding day better. The book is super lightweight, so you can easily carry it in your handbag wherever you go. 

2. A Comprehensive Indian Wedding Planner: 1 

This book is not just a wedding planner but also an exhaustive guide for brides wanting to gain a deep understanding of Indian wedding rituals, how they should be organized, and the best practices to follow. It has 28 chapters that offer a detailed background of all topics related to a wedding like music, photography, ceremonial descriptions, pre-wedding ceremonies, Indian wedding fashion, flower arrangements, and much more.

It also includes forms, worksheets, and to-do lists that can help you organize the progress of your preparations, expenses, phone numbers, schedules, and more. A two-pocket folder is also attached to the book where you can keep business cards, receipts, samples, etc. And one of the most enticing things about this book is that there are over 90 dynamic photographs and drawings that capture different aspects of Indian weddings and the latest wedding fashion by top Indian designers.  

3. Indian Wedding Planner Book

Wish N Wed’s chic Indian wedding journal is best for brides who want to chart out their wedding day visuals through a wedding planner book and organizer. This book has wedding vision worksheets where you can brainstorm your vision for the big day.

best Indian wedding planner books for Indian brides

wedding planner book

It also has all notes and checklists where you can scribble your ideas, sort your to-dos, and save other ideas. Moreover, there are different sections for various Indian ceremonies, vendors, decor, outfits, catering, etc. It also comes with a calendar till 2024 so that you can mark all the important dates while you plan your wedding. All in all, it is a compact notebook that you can keep in your handbag and take notes on the go! 

4. The Sheet Box Wedding Journal  

Designed specifically for Hindu brides-to-be, this journal has 15 topics in the planning section, and the best part is that each section has 1 page dedicated to tips and tricks brides can use while planning for their D-day.

Along with checklists, basic notes, and worksheets, this bridal planner also has elegant hand-drawn illustrations (conceptualized by The Sheet Box) to help brides get a better understanding of how they can pull off a perfect and dreamy wedding! 

5. Bridal Planner by Party Paparazzi 

This colorful planner includes 13 separate sections for make-up, entertainment, clothes, guest list, clothes, photography, honeymoon, etc. You can pen down essential details related to each section and also paste sticky notes on the sticker page. 

Brides especially like this book’s scrap-book-like feel, as it gives you ample space to paste your wedding ideas. It’s almost as if you’re creating an art book centred around your wedding, and you can always preserve it as a keep-sake to show your children one day! 

6. Sikh Wedding Guide and Planner  

Designed especially for brides and grooms with a Sikh Punjabi heritage, this wedding planner has garnered rave reviews from brides in the community. Each section of this wedding planning diary is detailed with pictures, information, checklists, and more. It includes budget trackers, expenses, guest lists, catering details, vendor information, and templates for each of these to keep everything organized and in one place.

The book has been separated into two parts, pre-wedding and post-wedding day ceremonies. You can get a personalized planning experience along with detailed information on Sikh wedding traditions and expectations. It covers a detailed explanation of a total of 17 ceremonies, along with English translations to help you better understand all traditions.  

What are wedding planner book must-haves? 

Indian wedding planner books

wedding planner book

 When you’re buying a wedding planner, make sure it has checklist templates, blank pages for you to scribble notes, and at least a basic description of the various ceremonies you’ll be planning for. Also, it is always better to go for a wedding planner book and organizer that is easy to carry so that you can keep taking notes on the go.  

If you don’t want to go overboard with a super detailed guide, then these few essentials should do the trick and fulfill all your wedding planning needs! 

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